Welcome to our comprehensive guide on importing and exporting goods between Vietnam and Indonesia. If you have any questions or concerns about the process, we understand that it can be difficult to find reliable information. That’s why our specialists have developed this guide to provide you with as much information as possible about freight between these two countries. Whether you want to import or export, we hope this guide will help you facilitate the process.


The best mode of transport between Vietnam and Indonesia

There are numerous transportation options that are suited for shipping cargo between Vietnam and Indonesia. There are in fact two. Despite their close proximity, the two nations are still divided by an ocean, hence air and maritime freight are the most suitable options.

Air transport between Vietnam and Indonesia

Air freight shipping from Vietnam and Indonesia 


Conventional or express air cargo?

Express air cargo and regular air cargo are two distinct types of cargo. Each has benefits and drawbacks.

The business that will transport the products is what sets them apart. In fact, with traditional freight, the area designated for ordinary mail is utilized, and the commodities for express freight are handled directly by transport/courier companies. These businesses might be DHL, FedEx, and UPS for expedited delivery and Garuda Indonesia or Vietnam Airlines for regular freight.

 How to calculate the dimensional weight of your shipment?

The greater of two weightsgross weight, or weight on the scale, and dimensional weight—will decide the price of your cargo (based on measurements). The weight to charge is the higher of these two weight kinds.

The difference between volumetric weight and total weight must be understood. Take shipping a box of earrings as an illustration. The business will have to charge for it due to the low volume. Think about the following example: Consider sending a large iron cube. In this instance, the business will bill based on gross weight. Last but not least, keep in mind that the dimensional weight deferential can be calculated using both the "traditional" and "express" techniques. Contrary to normal freight, which values at 1 m4 at 168 kg, express freight values it at 196 kg.

calculate gross weight airfreight shipmentshow to calculate volumetric weight

Note Docshipper: Our company specializes in maritime, air, road, and multimodal freight. Do not hesitate to contact our experts to get a free quote and more information!

The main airports in Vietnam and Indonesia

Vietnamese airport: 

  • Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi)
  • Tân Sơn International Airport (Ho Chi Minh City)
  • International Airport of Đà Nůng
  • Phu Bai International Airport – Hue
  • Cam Ranh International Airport – Nha Trang.
  • Van Don International Airport.

Indonesian airport:

  • Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta 
  • Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali 
  • Juanda International Airport in Surabaya 
  • Hasanuddin International Airport in Ujung Pandang-Celebes Island 
  • Sentani International Airport in Jayapura 

Sea freight shipping between Vietnam and Indonesia

As members of ASEAN ( the Association of South-East Asian Nations), Vietnam and Indonesia helped to form the world's fifth economic block, which accounts for 8 % of global commerce, ASEAN was founded in 1967 by ten nations. One of the numerous plans of this group of countries is transportation, mainly marine, which enables these nations, even those separated by oceans, to facilitate trade and tourism.

Therefore, these nations can trade freely thanks to a free trade and migration pact.

The main shipping companies carrying goods between Vietnam and Indonesia are OOCL, CMA CGM, MAERSK, and EVERGREEN.


Main ports in Vietnam and Indonesia


  • Hai Phong: This port is one of the largest in Southeast Asia, and is divided into three docks.
  • Da Nang: Third largest port space in Vietnam, it is ideally located in the center of the country.
  • Quy Nthon: This is the main port in the province in which is located.
  • Ho Chi Minh City: Called the port of Saigon, it is one of the top 30 most active ports in the world.



  • Tanjung Priok: North Jakarta is the country's busiest and best-equipped port.
  • Tanjung Perak: Indonesia's second port, located in Surabaya in the east of the country.
  • Tanjung Benoa: It is a smaller and quieter port, located on the Benoa peninsula.
  • Belawan: The country's busiest port is located on the northeast coast of Sumatra


Do I have to ship by groupage or full container between Vietnam and Indonesia?

Bulking shipping or LCL ( Less than Container Load)

When your load is insufficient to completely fill a container, this shipping technique is employed. There are many different sorts of containers, but bear in mind these three characteristics:

  • Container 20 feet with a capacity of 33 CBM ( Cubic Meters)
  • Container 40 feet with a capacity of 66 CBM ( Cubic Meters)
  • Container 40 feet HQ with a capacity of 76 CBM

LCL is most often used when the volume of goods is less than 13 or 14 CBM. If it reaches 15 CBM or more ( sometimes less), it is safer and cheaper to rent a whole container, even if you can only fill it half full.

Disadvantages of LCL shipping: 

  • An air charter will never be as long as an FCL or LCL shipment.
  • To fill the container, you will need enough volume.


The benefits of LCL shipping:

  • If the volume is between 2 CBM  and 12/15 CBM, this is first and foremost the least expensive option for delivery of your items.
  • In addition, the LCL enables you to transfer any kind of cargo, unlike extremely constrained air transportation ( for example, you cannot transport batteries).Disadvantages of LCL shipping: 
    • An air charter will never be as long as an FCL or LCL shipment.
    • To fill the container, you will need enough volume.  LCL shipping disadvantages include: Per m2, LCL shipping is more expensive than LCL. It's crucial to palletize and safeguard your goods because the transit space is shared. When compared to FCL, LCL cargo requires more expensive moves and services, such as loading and unloading your items.

FNM Remark: Find our expert advice to see more clearly about LCL and FCL shipments! Do not hesitate to contact us by filling in our form for more information!


Full container or FCL ( Full container load) 

FCL is a method of shipping that involves cargo and a 20 or 40 HQ (full) container. When sending large quantities, FCL shipping is the most affordable and popular option.

The benefits of FCL shipping:

  • the most cost-effective means of transportation when importing or exporting a large number of items.
  • safer because your cargo won't be touched as much while being transported, the container will be led, and you won't be sharing space with other shippers.

Transit time between Indonesian and Vietnamese ports


x Tanjung Priok Tanjung Benoa Tanjung Perak Belawan Makassar
Da Nang 6 days 4 days 4 days 4 days 5 days
Ho Chi Minh City 4 days 3 days 3 days 4 days 4 days
Hai Phong 19 days 20 days 18 days 13 days 18 days
Hanoi 19 days 20 days 20 days 13 days 18 days

These are illustrative time frames that do not account for additional processes such as removal, customs, delivery, etc. that must be added. Please let me know if there's anything else I can help you with.


 How much does sea freight between Vietnam and Indonesia cost?

It is not possible to provide a fare in advance because the costs of transportation firms fluctuate each month based on the price of oil. Additionally, the charter fee alone won't be able to assist you because it only makes up a portion of the total cost, to which additional operations must be added. Obtaining pricing will not accurately represent the total cost of your operation.

Specific transport

Refrigerated container

We promise to transport goods at a specific temperature; when items are transported in a refrigerator, the temperature is monitored to keep perishable and/or chemically derived goods fresh during the trip.

This kind of container, which comes in different sizes, allows us to control the temperature and atmosphere.

Specific transport between Vietnam and Indonesia

Refrigerated container


This entails employing a ship made to transport cargo through RO-RO (roll-on/roll-off) trailers and semi-trailers, which move in and out. In contrast to conventional embarkation ships, which load cargo vertically. There is no exposure to water, very little manual handling, and little chance of load failure. This is a reasonable and dependable option.



Bulk transportation is a kind of transportation that is frequently used for goods like wheat, grains, petroleum products, and other bulk commodities.

According to the nature of the cargo, each boat is customized for bulk goods. These products are transported by bulk carriers.


Out of Frame (OOG) 

There are two categories for oversized containers:

  • Tray container: Used for items containing heavy, bulky, and large kilogram articles.
  • "Open Top Container": Manual handling is necessary because the loading of goods, which is done by a crane or rolling tray, is crucial. Usually used to finish, weighty objects. Transporting non-standard-sized goods can be done quickly while maintaining the safety of the products.

Any cargo that is larger than a 40HC container's maximum permitted dimensions falls under this general category.

sea freight

air freight services guide

Door-to-door freight between Vietnam and Indonesia

Overview of the door-to-door method

An all-inclusive deal, a door-to-door transfer is a high-end option. Want to ship your goods without worrying? That is the deal you require!

This service enables a business to manage the shipment of your goods from A to Z, from the manufacturer to the recipient's or your premises. Truck transportation to ports and airports, as well as major and final transportation from the port or airport to the final destination, are thus planned. You can also let us take care of your items' storage and customs clearance.

door to door

Customs Clearance between Vietnam and Indonesia 

Calculate customs duties using the HS Code 

The procedure of clearing customs includes informing customs of the entry or exit declaration of any imported, transported, or shipped items. Only following the requirements of the contract, as well as the procedures for taxation, customs declaration, and verification, may the products be issued. Then, the declarant and/or holder may get their items back.

Any vehicle conveying products, whether they are shipped or imported, is needed to declare them at arrival or exit, comply with all customs requirements, and obtain the approval of the customs authorities. Whether for shipment, import, or transfer, items cannot move freely while they are being cleared by customs.

HS code

How do I get the correct HS code for my goods?

The HS code of your products can be found using a number of techniques. To make things simple, just ask your provider. Unless it's a really tiny provider that isn't aware of the export procedure, it's not a good omen if your supplier is unable to give you the HS code.

Use this website: HTS - Harmonized Tariff Schedule 

It is extremely easy to use! Just enter your keyword in the search box and see the results you get. Take the example of "pineapple".


HS Pineapple

Use the HS code to determine the applicable rate

Do you know what your HS code is? The time has come to calculate the tax that will be charged on your shipment. Just adhere to these easy guidelines

Visit the free trade agreement website

Click on this link to access a similar website:

Pineapple tariff japan


Like our screenshot example:

Choose the corresponding chapter (8 here)

Select the right product and check the duties and taxes applied to your product:

Pineapple customs japan


 As you can see, the tax on fresh pineapples imported from Vietnam is 17%.


douane indonesia

Indonesian customs

Official name: Directorate-General for Customs and Excise

Website: Indonesian customs

douane vietnam

Vietnam customs

Official name: General Customs Department of Vietnam

Website:Vietnam customs

Duties and taxes between Vietnam to Indonesia

The ten nations that makeup ASEAN include Vietnam and Indonesia. Free trade agreements have been drafted by this group of states for its member nations. Each nation is obligated to abide by the tariffs decided upon by the ASEAN leaders. Customs charges on imports from member nations typically range from 0 to 5%, with the exception of items on the exclusion lists.

Additionally, exporters are immune from export charges with the exception of a few items like coal and animal skin, which are taxed for export.

On Indonesian soil, there are also free trade zones that permit the exemption of import or export tariffs.



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What documents are required when importing?  

  • Commercial invoice

To clear your goods, whether they are going to Vietnam or somewhere else, you must have the original invoice. Check to see if the price on the original invoice and packing list match.

  • Bill of Lading

It is a proof of transportation document that certifies the exporter delivered the items stated on it. The bill of lading is another important factor to consider because it is a legal document. It offers all the information required for correctly processing and billing freight.

bill of lading

1= shipper

2= recipient

3= notified party

4= vessel number

5=loading/unloading port

6= place of receipt/delivery

7= container number

8= description of the goods

9=net weight




  • The Health Certificate

The health certificate is a record issued when a competent authority has verified that the products meet the requirements for production cleanliness, microbiological standards for food items, and animal health as set forth in applicable laws.

  • Certificate of Origin

The country of origin of the transported items is verified by the certificate of origin. This document indicates the country of manufacturing, which is different from the country of origin of the goods and is required for international trade.

  • The import permit

It is possible to define importation licenses as administrative processes that demand the submission of a request or other documentation (different from those needed for customs purposes) to the appropriate administrative body before merchandise can be imported.

  • The Customs Import Declaration

An official document known as a customs declaration lists and describes the products that are being imported or exported. A customs declaration is the act through which a person proclaims his desire to place items under a certain customs procedure from a legal perspective.

The insurance certificate

The assurance certificate, often known as the green card, is a document that demonstrates that a vehicle is insured. However, this document does not provide absolute proof of the validity of the insurance contract.

  • The Packing List 

Each partner in the supply chain is given a "packing list" by the shippers. All information regarding the goods and packaging included in each shipment is contained in this legal document, which is necessary for all air and sea freight shipments.


Other services

Storage services

Warehouses operated by DocShipper are positioned for maximum product storage prior to export. Additionally, we can provide you with a container optimization strategy whether you are pooling your products with other suppliers, filling a container to capacity, or already having a full container that you wish to split at the destination port and distribute in other areas.

Click on the following link for more information:  Storage Service



Freight Insurance

The cost of insurance varies depending on the type of vehicle being used, the product's concept, and the insurance company. Any item's declared value may be reduced by up to 20% to reflect potential harm. The worth of the products and the main transportation expenses must be disclosed by the insurance.

Please see our insurance services page for more details.

sourcing services negotiation

Vietnamese Supplier Management

We have tens of thousands of customer files, and we've discovered a few problems with this process. For instance, the supplier might not carry out these duties.

We will speak with the supplier beforehand with the aid of our multilingual specialists to make sure that the packaging and overall condition of your things are satisfactory. We won't continue if that's not the case.

You're covered by us!

Click on the following link for more information: Supplier Management 


 Moving and shipping personal effects

You have to bring a lot of luggage when you travel. To ensure safe delivery to your house in Vietnam or elsewhere in the world, professionals manage pressing, packaging, and customs clearance.

 Click on the following link for more information: Moving Service


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