One of the nations with the fastest economic growth, Vietnam has shown resilience in the face of trade conflicts and China's slowing development. The transition in the workforce from agriculture to manufacturing and services, private investment, a robust travel and tourist industry, greater earnings, and quick urbanization are all contributing factors to this economy's fast speed. Vietnam's GDP is increasingly dependent on exports, and some industries, such as manufacturing, textiles, electronics, and seafood production, are expanding quickly.


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1)Air freight shipping from Vietnam: Rates, time and Procedure

1.1) Classic air freight services from Vietnam

Classic air freight is one of the fastest freight methods to deliver goods internationally. Very competitive for small packages, it is financially more advantageous than sea freight for non-voluminous shipments. A lot of destinations in Asia are linked to Vietnam by Air freight. Europe and Middle East is also well connected with Vietnam by the air. Only north and south America, also Africa aren’t directly linked by Air freight with Vietnam.


1.2) Consolidation air freight services from Vietnam

Consolidation is a great service to optimize your transportation budget. It consists of assembling together all the small shipments you’re ordering from different suppliers, in order to send only one voluminous shipment to the same destination. FNM Vietnam can provide you this service in its great warehouses located in the north and the south of Vietnam.

Airlines company

Here are the major Airlines linking Vietnam to the world directly.

Vietnam and Europe

Logo Airline Air franceLogo Airline CargoluxLogo Airline EVA Air

Vietnam and Asia

Logo Airline Cathay Pacificlogo airline cardigairlogo airline air incheonlogo airline hong kong airlineslogo airline korean air cargologo airline KMile Asialogo airline maskargologo airline raya airways

Vietnam and Middle East

logo airline turkish cargologo airline etihad cargologo airline qatar airways cargologo airline emirates skycargo

1.3) Express services from Vietnam

Courier company

logo company dhllogo company fedexlogo company tnt

2) Air freight from Vietnam to worldwide - Estimated transit time

2.1) How long does it take to ship from Vietnam?

The following table is showing the transit times on door-to-door, which means considering the flight duration only.

For an express freight you can add around 2 or 3 days, around 6 days for a classic air freight for your goods to be delivered.

South East Asia China Japan / Korea Europe Canada / USA Middle East South America India Africa
Vietnam 5 hours 7 hours 9 hours 14 hours 20 hours 8 hours 22 hours 7 hours 16 hours


2.2) Can FNM book space on cargo plane for same day?

In general, we can’t, because cargo flights are well organized in advance. Furthermore, space is very limited in a cargo plane. If it is an absolute emergency to transfer your goods, we can provide Next Flight Out (NFO) or On Board Courier (OBC) freight services, but these are highly expensive.

FNM Alert: Do you need to ship some goods as quickly as possible ? Take a look at our express freight page. Or you can also contact one of our experts directly.

3) Which are main international airports in Vietnam for air freight shipments?

Noi Bai International Airport of Hanoi

air freight vietnamIt is the busiest airport of the northern part of the country. Numerous international airlines are linking this Airport to international destinations for cargo flights. Europe, Middle-east and numerous Asian countries relate to Hanoi through this airport. Almost 600 thousand of tonnes of goods were handled in this airport in 2017.


Tan Son Nhat International Airport in HCMC (example Vietnam)

It is the airport of the economic heart of the country, and the most important in the southest part of Vietnam. It is more important than Hanoi, in terms of passengers managed, but less busy in term of goods. In 2015, almost 450 thousand tonnes of goods were administered in this airport.


4) How to get and understand air freight quote from Vietnam?

4.1) What FNM Vietnam need to know to give you a quote?


  • Incoterm
  • Volume in CBM
  • Nature of goods
  • Address of departure
  • Address of destination
  • Packing needs
  • Export license
  • Packing list
  • Others (depending of the nature of goods)


 4.2) How to Find the Cheapest Air Freight rates from Vietnam


  1. Have a clear understanding of the business

You should know which periods are the cheapest to program your air freight and manage wisely all your orders so you’ll optimize your shipping budget.

  1. Know the market and the rates that are prevalent

Air freight prices are very versatile. A lot of parameters are influencing the prices for this transport method, like the kerosene prices, the airlines, the type of goods, the volumetric weight…

  1. Use the right mode of shipment (Express vs Classic)

Classic is more adapted for tiny shipments, because the express prices are quickly rising in function of the volume and weight of goods sent. On the other way, if you really have to receive or send your goods asap, Express will be the fastest solution for your situation.

  1. Audit your quotations/invoices

If you have time, compare quotes from different forwarders/airlines, in order to choose the most competitive freight solution.

  1. Plan effectively

It will be more cost effective if you plan one big air freight, than numerous small air freights. So, the time of production or purchase must be strategically decided.

  1. Optimize your cargo packing

A too voluminous packing of your goods will increase your freight cost, while a too thin packing of your goods will not protect your goods enough, if a knock is unfortunately occurring. The type of packing must be greatly selected for all these reasons.

  1. Don’t classify everything as urgent

Take the time to think if your goods must be delivered asap, or if waiting a few days or weeks is acceptable. Generally, urgent situations are not leading to the best decisions.


 5) FNM Vietnam Air freight department Scope of services

5.1) temperature-sensitive goods

Cargo airlines are offering compartment where the humidity and the temperature are controlled. FNM Vietnam can program for you a refrigerated freight to the cargo companies, if your goods are sensitive or perishable.


5.2) dangerous goods

Depending on the type of goods you need to transfer, the airline company can accept them, or not in their flights. For instance lithium batteries are almost always refused, as well as some liquid products and aerosol. To know if your goods can be accepted, and what conditions are required in order to transfer them, contact our Air freight specialists.


5.3) high-value goods

Goods with high added value, like high tech products, electronics… are often transported via air freight. This is explained first because of the time of delivery, but also because air freight is the safest way to transfer goods. Sea freight, with the numerous handling operations, and the bad weather conditions that can occur in sea isn’t recommended for high value goods.


5.4) perishables goods

Perishable goods, like some chemicals, or food products can be transported by air freight if required. If the life duration of your products is very limited, air freight is an interesting freight solution.


5.5) personal effects and household items

Personal effects are generally shipped by ocean freight for a relocation, if they are too voluminous. But if you don’t have a lot of items to transport, or if some high value items must be transferred safely and carefully, Air freight is more adapted.


5.6) Live animals

Pets cannot survive a sea transfer, Air freight is the only adapted transportation method in this case. But be careful, because animal international transport requires a lot of paperwork and administration procedures. Pet can bring exotic diseases to unhabituated countries and cause sanitary disasters.


6) Air Cargo serving E-commerce logistics

6.1) B to B

If you’re e-business is principally selling in B2B, it means that your clients are usually ordering large volume of products. Our network in all the airports of Vietnam is enabling us to have great space in cargo planes at regular schedule. We can deliver your products sourced in Vietnam in interesting delays to every country.


6.2) B to C

For B2C e-commerce, customers are generally ordering small quantities or volume of goods, which means that express freight is preferred most of the time. Our great relations with courier carriers enable us to provide attractive rates from Vietnam, thanks to the volume of goods we’re providing them.


6.3) Scope of services / 3PL and more

If you’re in need of other supply chain services for your e-commerce, you’re in the right place. Thanks to our great warehouses in Haiphong and in HCMC, we can handle your inventory, provide fulfillment services and also individual packing solutions. We know how complicated the e-commerce supply chain is to handle. That’s why we developed a full spectrum of e-commerce logistic services.

Trick FNM: FNM Vietnam offers you many services. In addition to air freight, we also offer sea freight, the most common, economical, and ecological transport method. For more information and a free quote, contact one of our advisors.


7) Air freight insurance: FNM Care plan

7.1) Why purchase Air cargo insurance?

Because all the carriers are not responsible of your goods in case of damage inflicted to your shipment. The only way to obtain a refund in this situation is to insure your goods before the delivery.


7.2) How much does an Air freight insurance cost?

The price of your freight insurance is calculated with the value of your goods as a base. So, if you’re declaring a too low value of your goods, you might be only partially reimbursed by the insurance company in case of damage. That’s why it isn’t recommended to declare a too low value of your goods. On the other way, declaring a value too important is useless, and will only make you pay an expensive insurance.

Here is the formula used to calculate the price of a freight insurance: goods price + freight price * 2-3%.

The percentage applied depend of the type of products you’re sending.


8) Book your air freight to Vietnam With FNM – Importing to Vietnam by Air Cargo

8.1) Worldwide network

The FNM network is huge and well developed through Asia, and also on the global stage. Our agents positioned greatly in Vietnam and worldwide, will ensure the continuity of your freight. No matter where you are, the transfer of your products will be greatly monitored by our teams from A to Z.


8.2) Import customs clearance same day

The clearance of your shipment can take too much time if it isn’t greatly prepared and handled. Our Customs specialists will take in charge the contact with the Vietnamese and your local customs, so the exit and entrance through the different territories will be always fluid.


8.3) Weekly consolidation from via Haiphong or HCMC

We’re consolidated goods every week before shipping them to the same destinations. If you’re not in a hurry, we can consolidate your items with those of other persons located in your country, to reduce the total expanse.


9) Advantages and Disadvantages of Air Freight

9.1) Advantages of Air freight

  1. Speed

Air freight is ensuring a delivery in less than 10 days worldwide. Express freight is the fastest solution existing. If the time is a n important parameter for you, you will surely choose an air freight to transfer your shipment

  1. Safe

Because there is fewer handling procedures, and also your shipment isn’t exposed to poor weather’s situations. Such misfortunes occurring for sea freight like piracy, sinking… does not exist for air freight.

  1. Highly accurate ship dates

There is rarely delays in air freights. Flights are scheduled precisely, and they cannot be delayed during their travel.

  1. Shipment tracking

Your shipment will have a special tracking number provided by the airline, which enables you to know in real time where your shipment is and what process it is going through, thanks to their tracking computer system. The tracking of your cargo isn’t that accurate during a sea freight.


9.2) Disadvantages of Air freight

  1. Cost

Air freight is far beyond the others the most expensive freight solution. Except for shipments under 2 CBM, the other freight methods are a lot more cost effective than air freight for international transfer.

  1. Size and weight limitation

The shipping space available in a plane, isn’t comparable to a container vessel. This explains why it is very expensive for voluminous shipments.

  1. Highly affected by oil price

The kerosene prices are highly fluctuating compared to other fuels, that’s why you may pay a sensitively different price for a same shipment, in different times.


10) International Air freight Process: The Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Your goods are picked up from your supplier’s warehouse and transferred to our facility

Step 2: Your products are processed and consolidated if necessary, and transmitted to the departure airport

Step 3: The first clearance procedure is undergone

Step 4: The flight is transferring your goods to the country of destination

Step 5: The second and last customs process is made at the arrival airport

Step 6: The goods are delivered to the destination address

Step 7: You or the consignee are collecting the products


 11) International Air Freight Incoterms (Here are the Most Common Trade Terms Explained)

 11.1) EXW

Incoterm where all the transfer responsibilities are belonging to the buyer.


11.2) DAT (Delivery At Terminal)

Incoterm where the buyer is responsible of his shipment once it reaches the airport terminal in its own country.


11.3) DAP (Delivery At Place)

Also called “All-in” or “Door to door” this is the incoterm where the buyer is the less involved during the freight. His only responsibility is to receive the goods at the agreed location.


 11.4) Does FNM Air freight department offer Door to Door services?

Yes, we do! Door to door is what FNM is famous for. It is one of the most asked freight solutions by our clients.

  1. Door to airport – Pick up at departure

In this solution, we’re picking up your shipment at your supplier’s facilities, while we will transmit it to you at the airport of arrival, in your country. This solution is usually chosen by clients that are living near the airport of arrival, or that have adapted vehicles to transfer the shipment themselves.

  1. Airport to door – Delivery at destination

This freight service is provided when your supplier can handle the delivery of the goods to the airport of departure. Then we will take the shipment in charge and deliver it to your address.


 12) Documents You Need When Shipping from Vietnam by Air

Here are all the documents needed to plan your air freight:

 - Airway bill

 - Commercial invoice

 - Packing list

 - Certificate of origin (C/O)

 - Insurance certificate

You want further information about air freight regulation ? Just check the official regulator: International Air Transport Association IATA


 13) Air Freight vs. Sea Freight – A Comparison to International Shipping

 13.1) Air freight vs. sea freight

The table below will help you to choose between Air and Ocean freight. Their respective advantages and drawbacks are displayed:

Sea freight Air freight
Very cost-effective freight solution The fastest freight solution
Greatly shaped for voluminous shipments More adapted to transfer small shipments
All kinds of goods are accepted by carriers The clearance procedures are achieved faster
  Safer than sea freight
Expensive for shipments under 2 CBM For great volumes it is quickly very expensive
Less safe for your goods than air freight Certain kind of products can be refused (aerosol, lithium batteries…)
Very slow transportation method  


 13.2) Air freight or sea freight – FNM recommendations

If budget is your principal criteria, sea freight will be very competitive for shipments bigger than 2 CBM and 150 kgs on average. If your shipment is smaller than those dimensions you will definitely choose air freight. If you must receive your goods asap, only air freight will ensure a delivery within less than 10 days on average.

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