Siam Shipping and FNM Vietnam are belonging to the same network of freight forwarders in Southeast Asia. Started before FNM Vietnam, SIAM Shipping accumulated great professional knowledge on logistics in Thailand. Located in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand’s booming capital, SIAM Shipping became a reference in the restrained world of the freight forwarders in Thailand. Their customers are international at 60% and Thai at 40% which means that they can serve you in Thailand, as well as in any other country. For all freight and relocation demands, from/to or in Thailand, don’t hesitate to call for their services. You can visit their website, SIAM Shipping.

SIAM Shipping, freight forwarder and customs commissioner in Thailand

The same services proposed by FNM Vietnam, are available in Thailand with SIAM Shipping.

Ocean freight: They are present in every major port of Thailand, which makes them an ideal partner for all ocean freight from or to Thailand. Bangkok, Laem Chabang (Pattaya), Songkhla, Phuket and Ranong are the busiest ports, and also where there collaborators are positioned. Their great relations with the Thai customs will let your goods remain the less time possible in custody, to maintain a great fluidity of your transfer. Also, for all CBMs or container booking, the first spaces available will be yours thanks to their local agents.

Air freight: Thanks to their collaborators positioned in the six greatest airports of the country, which are Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok), U-Tapao (Pattaya), Chiang Mai International Airport, Phuket International Airport, Hat Yai International Airport and Udon Thani International Airport, SIAM Shipping is fully skilled for all air freight request from or to Thailand. Whether for classic air freight (10 days), express/courier (4 days), or urgent (less than 48 hours), their great reactivity is making them an excellent partner for all local or international transfer.

Road freight: For road freight in all the territory of Thailand, but also between Thailand and the ASEAN states, their truck fleet is made to deliver quickly and safely your goods. Their truck drivers are extensively trained, to travel with the best itineraries and the safest way possible, in order to deliver your shipment fast.

Rail freight: SIAM Shipping can also plan air freight for you for all goods transport in Asia. Departing from the biggest cities in Thailand, like Chiang Mai, Bangkok or Pattaya, container-wagon is a freight solution growing fast in Asia. Submitted to less unpredictable parameters than road freight, rail freight can be used for local transfers as well as transfers throughout all the continent.

Multimodal freight: You need to transfer goods from Thailand to a distant country? An ocean freight will be too long and an air freight will be too expensive for you? SIAM Shipping can provide you multimodal freight services, a great alternative solution from or to Thailand. Hence, your goods will be travelling by plane and ship, to optimise the time and the cost of the transfer.

Customs clearance in Thailand: Everyone doing international trade with Thailand knows how the customs clearance is difficult to handle. Indeed, there is a lot of differences between the theory and the practise applied by the customs administration. Thanks to their great ties with the local customs authorities, and their great customs specialists, SIAM Shipping is guaranteeing you the most reduced custody times and customs rates possible.

Door to door: For all β€œAll-inclusive” requests, from or to Thailand, SIAM Shipping is providing door to door services. If logistics isn’t your field, or if you prefer to stay concentrated on other activities, door to door is ideal for you. Their international network enables a total control, in each step of your goods transfer, no matter in which territories your shipment is passing through. Without regarding where you are, SIAM Shipping can deliver your goods directly to your address.

Packing and warehousing: If your supplier cannot provide satisfying packaging, their staff can ensure the best protection possible for your goods. No matter what types of goods you should pack, their weight, dimensions and forms, fragility… Their teams are proficient to ensure a high quality packing of your goods. Your goods can also be stored in their warehouses, all the time needed, until you will be able to receive them. Their state-of-the-art facilities, watched constantly by security staff and CCTVs, can receive your goods safely and comfortably.

Relocation: SIAM Shipping is one of the only enterprises in Thailand to provide three different relocation packages. An economic, a standard and a premium one. No matter what your budget is, SIAM Shipping can provide you adapted relocation services. The complexity of the relocation process is fully mastered by SIAM Shipping, who will provide a great transport of your personal effects, in Thailand or abroad.

Freight Insurance: For all transport with SIAM Shipping, you can ask for an insurance covering your goods during their transfer. Thereby, you will be refunded for all misfortune that may happen during the journey. Their great partnerships with the carriers and the best private insurance companies, are enabling them to provide excellent insurance policies, in terms of price and coverage.

SIAM Shipping, a multilingual and international team

Multiculturality is a value cherished by our network. Thereby, the profile plurality in our companies allows us to understand well the logistic market shape in every country. In Thailand, collaborators in SIAM Shipping are speaking Thai, French, Mandarin and English fluently. They will put these advantages for your benefit, in order to have a better understanding of your needs, but also an optimal contact with the Thai and foreign customs authorities. In the heart of a major Southeast Asian economic hub, SIAM Shipping is impregnated with this international and collaborative entrepreneur spirit.

SIAM Shipping, an absolute fitting to your requirements

At SIAM Shipping, each request is treated individually. The company is providing tailor made freight solutions, which will perfectly shape your needs and requirements. The same consultant will oversee your service, from the first contact to the final delivery at the precise address. If you have a particular demand and you don’t know which service will suit the best, their skilled consultants are here to propose you numerous solutions, all unique to provide you the best freight experience.

SIAM Shipping, a permanent sense of the service

Their collaborators are formed for the largest transparency and flexibility. Thereby, they will keep you aware of each progress made by your shipment, by mail or phone call if you prefer. Also, they will provide you a detailed answer within 24 hours for all demands. Your consultant will be available to answer each question until you’re fully satisfied of their services.

SIAM Shipping, a proficient local advisor

Highly concerned by the experience of their customers in Thailand, SIAM Shipping is also a great help for all trading procedures. Their great knowledge of the market in Thailand enables them to advise you in the choice of your supplier.

For a succesful experience, and a saving of time, money and energy, SIAM Shipping is the local and international interlocutor you need. Don’t hesitate to contact them, or to visit their website SIAM Shipping, for further informations.


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