What is the best method to ship your goods from Vietnam to Russia ?


In this first part of our guide, we will have a look on 2 different method of shipment : air freight and sea freight. We will compare both options, give you important details and some advices about the method you should consider.

Sea freight from Vietnam to Russia

Overview - Ocean cargo from Vietnam to Russia

The country is fairly open to foreign trade, which accounts for 51.5% of GDP (World Bank, 2018), despite strict laws and policies. Russia became a member of the WTO in 2012, a member of the Commonwealth of Independent States, which established a free trade zone, and is a member of the Eurasian Customs Union. Russia and Ukraine have abolished their mutual trade preferences. The Eurasian Customs Union has signed an agreement with Vietnam and is negotiating free trade agreements with e.g. Iran, India, Egypt, Singapore and Serbia. Russia is the 14th largest exporter and 22nd largest importer of goods in the world (WTO, 2018). Its main exports are hydrocarbons (more than 50% of total exports), solid fuels, iron and steel, wheat and meslin, precious stones, precious metals and wood, and its main imports are machinery, pharmaceuticals, electronic equipment, vehicles and plastics.

Russia's main trading partners are China, Germany, the Netherlands and Belarus. Since the conflict in Ukraine and the economic sanctions imposed by Western countries, the Kremlin has imposed an embargo on European and American agricultural products and has reconfigured its trade relations. The country has recorded significant and regular trade surpluses since 1998, mainly due to its rich natural resources, especially hydrocarbons (crude oil and natural gas in particular).



Shipping company offering services from Vietnam to Russian ports 

Here are few examples :

Port of Novorossiysk

The port of Novorossiysk is the largest port in Russia and the fifth largest port in Europe in terms of the volume of goods in transit. The port is located in the ice-free Bay of Novorossiysk, also known as Tsemes Bay, on the northeast coast of the Black Sea. The port was founded in 1845. The port covers an area of 238 hectares. 141 million tons of goods passed through the port in 2013. Large container ships dock at the quays. In 2013, for example, the port received a 286-metre-long Maersk container ship carrying a load of 58,341 tonnes. In 2017, 25,300 tankers were unloaded at the Cheskharis terminal alone. This represents more than 1.2 billion tons of oil.


Port of Ust-Luga

Ust-Luga, Europe's seventh largest port, is to become an important port for coal and fertilisers with a planned capacity of 35 million tonnes per year. Its construction started in 1997 with the aim of avoiding the need to route traffic through Baltic ports. The work was accelerated by Vladimir Putin, who inaugurated it in 2001. The 3,700-metre-long approach channel can accommodate ships of over 150,000 tonnes. In 2016, almost 90 million tons will have passed through it.


Port of Primorsk

Primorsk, Europe's twelfth largest port, is the largest Russian port on the Baltic Sea in terms of traffic. The terminal was commissioned in 2001 and its traffic reached 45 million tons in 2004 2 and 74.2 Mt in 2007 3. In 2010, the port of Primorsk is the 2nd Russian port, behind Novorossiysk, on the Black Sea, with a traffic of 77.64 Mt; Primorsk is also the 46th largest port in the world.


Port of Saint Petersburg

Now the second busiest port on the Baltic Sea, the city increased its industrial production by 19% in 2004. River-sea developments (canals joining "the five seas", i.e. the Baltic Sea, the White Sea, the Black Sea, the Sea of Azov and the Caspian Sea) have been an important element in the development of the seaport of St Petersburg. St. Petersburg, enjoying a privileged geographical location, is the third largest ex-Soviet port on the Baltic Sea. In 2004, 14.62 million tonnes of goods transited through the seaport of the second largest city in Russia, an increase of 19% over the previous year. The net profit of the company, which employs 430 people, was 28.2 million roubles (almost $1 million) in 2004.


Should I ship by consolidation or full container from Vietnam to Russia ?


LCL - Less Than Container Load : In this case we also speak of "consolidation". In fact, this option is available for you who may not have enough volume to make an FCL profitable (if it is expensive, you might as well fill it). The freight forwarder has several customers with similar needs for the transport of small consignments within the same trade - and offers to consolidate these consignments into a shared container. In this way, shipping costs are divided among the customers according to the space they occupy in the container.


FCL is an ISO international standard. Thus it designates the (full) container load (20″ or 40″) containing a shipment for an importer (consignee).

It will therefore be more complicated to make this kind of FCL profitable, unless your volume reaches 13,14,15 CBM.

How long does it take to ship from Vietnam to Russia by sea freight ?


Kaliningrad Murmansk Ust Luga Primorsk St Petersburg
Da Nang 35 days 34 days 34 days 35 days 35 days 35 days
Saigon 34 days 35 days 34 days 35 days 34 days 34 days
Ba Ngoi 35 days 34 days 35 days 33 days 35 days 35 days
Cam Pha Port 35 days 34 days 34 days 33 days 35 days  34 days

Please you should note the transit time only considers the freight (the transit time will increase with the pick up and delivery at place).


How much does it cost to ship a container from Vietnam to Russia ?

Ocean freight is therefore by far the most cost-effective solution between the two countries (if your cargo exceeds 1 CBM and 120 kg, which is often the case). Whether FCL or LCL, our importing customers in Russia carry out most of their operations by sea freight (more profitable for them and maybe for you).

As a result, the Vietnam - Russia traffic is largely composed of sea freight operations. Obviously even outside our topic here sea freight is often the best option for you.

Special sea freight services 

Reefer container from Vietnam to Russia

Refrigerated containers are used to transport products that require temperature-controlled conditions during transit, such as fruit, vegetables, dairy products and meat. They are equipped with a refrigeration unit connected to the power supply of the transporting vessel.


Docshipper will advise you, if necessary, and then reserve it for you.

Roro/Bulk/OOG from Vietnam to Russia


RORO is short for Roll-on/Roll-off. RORO is an innovative idea that was inspired by ferries, and today is revolutionizing the global transportation industry. Oversized and self-propelled/motorized cargo (on wheels: trucks, construction equipment, cars, etc.) is driven on a special vessel, and is then unloaded in the same way at the port of destination. This is a very simple way to handle non-standard cargo in the safest and cheapest way possible. Nothing is better for your special shipments. Why is that? The use of RORO, as opposed to containers, generally avoids the costs of dismantling, reassembling, and damage. In addition, there is no risk of water damage since the cargo is always well secured inside the ship throughout the voyage. These special vessels also carry non-motorized or non-roadworthy vehicles.


Bulk goods are goods that are transported in large quantities. They are liquid or granular materials, in the form of particles, such as a mass of relatively small solids, such as oil/crude oil, grain, coal or gravel. This cargo is usually dropped or poured, with a bucket or shovel, into the hold of a bulk carrier, railway car, or tanker/trailer/semi-trailer. Smaller quantities (always considered "bulk") may be boxed and palletized. Bulk goods are classified as either liquid or dry.

OOG (Out of Gauge)

Loads with exceptional dimensions require tailor-made transport solutions and it is advantageous for this task to be carried out, as far as possible, by an operator (like Docshipper) who organises transport from point A to point B.


**Our dedicated and experienced employees leave no room for error. We ensure professional handling of goods during our terminal handling operations, storage, transportation of small and medium-sized loads, oversized or bulk goods.**

Air freight from Vietnam to Russia

Overview – Classic vs Express air freight 

Your decision must be based on a concern for time. Indeed, by choosing to operate in an accelerated way (express air freight) you will certainly pay more but will receive your goods in about 4 days. In the classic way (classic air freight) you will pay less but will take more time to receive your goods (7 or 8 days, i.e. double).


What is the difference between volumetric and gross weight?

* There are two ways to put a value on the density of your shipment. The result will decide your bill.

We make a difference between gross and volumetric weight. This is the most important value that will be used to arrive at a rate. You can imagine that if your shipment is 1 CBM or even beyond, but weighs 10 kg, we cannot invoice on the net weight. These two images are below in order to make you udnerstand the calculation :

Why should I choose a Classic Air freight from Vietnam to Russia ?

Which airlines company should I ship with ?

  • Aeroflot - Russian Airlines is Russia's flag carrier and the country's largest airline. It operates from Sheremetyevo International Airport. Founded on 9 February 1923, it is one of the oldest airlines in the world. During the Soviet period, Aeroflot was the largest airline in the world. Today the Russian state owns 51% of the airline, which has been a full member of the Skyteam alliance since 14 April 20062.
  • Vietnam Airlines  is the national airline of Vietnam. It operates domestic and international flights from its two main hubs at Tan International Airport Sơn Nhất in Ho Chi Minh City and Nội Bài International Airport in Hanoi.


Transit time Door to Door from Vietnam to Russia by air freight ?

Considering a door to door shipping, you must count at about 6 to 8 days.


How much does it cost to ship a parcel from Vietnam to Russia?

As I have said several times, Docshipper sees shipping like no other forwarding agent: we offer individual advice and quotes, so we operate on a case-by-case basis. This is why we require many details specific to your goods (dimensions, weight, HS code...) in order to establish an efficient return.


Should I choose an Express Air freight from Vietnam to Russia ?

Express service – The best solution for little package

Here you will benefit from a much shorter transit time, including automated (and therefore faster) customs clearance. But this comes at a price. This price will benefit you if your merchandise weighs less than 100-110 kilos.
Otherwise, opt for a more traditional and less expensive air freight.


How long does it take for a package to be shipped from Vietnam to Russia ? 

Logically, in 4 days the process should be completed. We also guarantee you a quality service at an attractive price.

Why is that?
We have been working with these companies for many years, this relationship of trust ensures certain advantages


How much does an Express service cost from Vietnam to Russia

express-courier logo

**For the quotation of your express shipment, a different method than gross weight and volume is applied. For express freight, assume that 1 CBM = 200 kgs.  

Send to our team the information specific to your freight operation, we will send you a quote that I hope will meet your expectations. Remember that our experience with these brands means that we (and therefore you) benefit from very advantageous conditions.

Major airports to ship in Russia

Sheremetyevo International Airport

Sheremetyevo International Airport, named after Alexander Pushkin sometimes called Sheremetyevo-2, is an airport serving the city of Moscow in Russia.

Located about 30 kilometres north of the Russian capital, Chérémétiévo-2 International Airport was built for the 1980 Summer Olympics. It was added to the airport complex of Chérémétiévo-1, which opened in 1964. It is the largest airport in Russia, in front of Domodedovo. In 2019, 228,868 flights carried 26,188,000 passengers. It is Aeroflot's main connecting hub.

Domodedovo International Airport

Domodedovo International Airport is an international airport and the oldest airport in Moscow. It is located in the Domodedovo Raion, 42 km south-south-east of the centre of Moscow. It was largely renovated and modernized in 2003 and 2004. The runways, taxiway and parking lot have been widened and reinforced to accommodate the new generation of wide-body aircraft. It is the first in Russia to be able to do so.

It is the second largest airport in Russia in terms of passenger and cargo traffic, behind Moscow's other major airport, Sheremetyevo International Airport, with 20,430,000 passengers in 2008. A fast train, the Aeroexpress, connects the terminal to one of the 9 major Moscow train stations, Paveliets station in 40 minutes for a 35 km journey.

Vnukovo airport 

Vnukovo International Airport is located in Moscow, Russia, 28 km southwest of the city centre. It is one of the three most important airports in the Russian capital (along with the international airports of Domodiedovo and Sheremetyevo). In 2018, the airport handled 6.78 million passengers, an increase of 33% compared to 2017.

Pulkovo Airport 

Pulkovo airport is the main airport of St. Petersburg. It has a single terminal. It is part of the Pulkovo Aviation Group. It is located about 17 km south of St. Petersburg, in the district called Pulkovo.

Like St. Petersburg, it is built on land reclaimed from the sea. The ancient coast is represented by the "Pulkovo Heights", 4 km south of the airport. Highly visible on these hills on approach is the Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory, which belongs to the Russian Academy of Sciences.


Door-to-door transfer from Vietnam to the Russia

Door-to-door method overview

Your first shipping operation may worry you. No problem, Docshipper's used to it.

By choosing our Door to Door option, enjoy maximum peace of mind.
We will pick up your order at the address you provide (packing and unloading if necessary). Then we will take care of the freight and other arrangements before delivering your goods directly to your home in Russia.

Besides, note that we are responsible of each step of the transfer.


Rail Freight

In theory rail freight is possible. In practice it will clearly not be the best solution. We will have to send the goods to China first.

It will be long and expensive.

Customs clearance in Russia for goods imported from Vietnam 

How much will I pay ? 

Knowing the precise cost of freight and customs clearance is a serious deal. Hence, as each member of the World Trade Organisation the HS code is used (composed of 6 numbers). the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System. This numbers defines the nature of your good (by ID).

Here is the composition of an HS Code

hs code of a pineapple

Calculate applicable tariff with the HS code

You found your HS Code ?  You need to be sure about the taxe to pay on your shipment. Please follow below stepts :

Go on the Russian Customs Tariff Portal.

Go on this link (Russian Customs Tariff), you should reach a page who looks like this :


Hs code pineapple russian


Click on the chapter corresponding to the nature of your product (here the fruits, knowing moreover that the first number of the HS code of the pineapple is 8).


Customs Russian pineapple


Then, take a look to the 2 differents informations you can get :

  • Suppl. Unit of measurment
  • Rate of Import customs duties


After, just select the correct product check the duties and taxes applied on your product

In our example, Russian the customs duties will be 5% of the customs value (in euros).

Russian Customs pineapple HS


Different taxes existing for your goods 

Since its official entry into the WTO on 22 August 2012, Russia has undertaken to apply all WTO provisions, including an average customs duty of 7.8% for goods.

The majority of imports are subject to 18% value added tax (VAT). A reduced rate of 10% is imposed on basic foodstuffs, children's items, school books and medicines. A limited number of goods are exempt from VAT, including pharmaceuticals and medical equipment and products for the disabled. This tax is applied to the sum of the amount of the goods, customs duties and excise tax.

Imports delivered and used in the Special Economic Zones are free of duty and VAT. Customs duties and VAT must be paid when the goods concerned are shipped to the rest of Russia.


The excise tax in Russia

Certain categories of goods imported into Russia are subject to payment of excise tax (for example, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, etc.) As a rule, the rate of excise tax is specific (that is, it is defined by the volume, weight, or other characteristics of the goods).


How to get a taxes exemption? 

It’s possible for you to benefit from partial or total exemption in GSP countries (including Vietnam). For the rest, it will depend on the nature of what you import and the country of importation.



The Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) : Under this system, developed countries apply lower tariffs to products from poorer countries. In order to contribute to the development of these countries, it is therefore an exception to a cardinal principle of the World Trade Organization.(WTO), the most-favoured-nation clause, according to which an advantage granted to one member country of the organisation must be granted to all the others.

Since the EU opted for this system (1971), the Generalised System of Preferences has been an important instrument of EU trade policy. Without negotiation or reciprocity, it does not apply to the customs duties of poor countries, but only to their exports; It is a system of aid for developing countries to support them in their trade. Then, you can guess that a lot of Vietnamese products are included.

Products judged too competitive (textile for example) can’t beneficiate from GSP.

Providing a Certificate of Origin of your goods to the Customs will make you able to benefit of GSP.

Customs clearance process in Russia

Customs process 

A reform of customs regulations has been carried out since the end of 2000. It has led to a general reduction in customs tariffs and the entry into force of a new Customs Code on 1 January 2004. Generally speaking, it reflects a harmonisation of customs procedures with European standards.

Most goods are free to be imported into Russia, although there is a licensing system for certain specific products (pesticides, jewellery and precious materials, electrical equipment, etc.) which account for about 3% of total imported goods. These licenses are issued by the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations and monitored by the State Customs Committee.

The customs declaration can be made by the declarant of a company under Russian law and forwarded to the customs office where the company is first registered. A company exporting to Russia may also use the services of a customs broker who will carry out customs formalities on its behalf. Release for consumption, with immediate payment of duties and taxes, is the regime most commonly used by operators exporting to Russia.

Goods shipped to Russia must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • The Single Administrative Document (SAD)
  • The commercial invoice (It must be drawn up in triplicate in English or Russian and contain the usual particulars. It must specify the customs terminal number)
  • A health certificate
    They are required for meat and are issued by the Departmental Directorate of Veterinary Services.
  • Certificate of conformity to Russian standards (GOST-R)
    It is necessary for products that may present a danger to health or environmental protection (food products, chemicals, consumer goods, etc.).
  • Transport documents and packing list

Russia applies the Harmonized Customs System. The customs tariff is composed of 11,032 tariff lines of which 85% is imposed on an ad valorem basis . Duties and taxes are collected by the State Customs Committee.


Customs contact


What are the Licenses required (import & export)?

Import license 

Licences are required to import a variety of products, including for health, safety and national security reasons. These products include radioactive substances, explosives, drugs and pharmaceuticals, information protection devices (including all encryption systems and software), alcohol (vodka), tobacco products, self-defence tools, weapons, and military equipment. These import permits are usually issued by the Department of Trade and Economic Development or the Department of Defence in the case of military equipment or dual-use goods).


Necessary documents 

The bill of lading is the document of title which is given by the sea carrier, or his representative, to the shipper who owns the goods in recognition of the goods his ship is to carry. The nature, weight and marks of the goods shipped are recorded on this document. This document is signed by the master after receipt of the goods, with an undertaking to deliver them in the condition in which he received them, at the place of destination, except for perils and accidents at sea. The bill of lading shall be drawn up in four copies. The original document is not a title to the goods, but it is representative of the goods and is negotiable. The other three copies shall be for the master of the vessel, the shipowner and the seller.

This document is important for all international transfer of commercial goods.

Please take a look into the details on a Bill of Lading:

example of a Bill of Lading

  • 1 = Shipper
  • 2 = Consignee
  • 3 = Notify party
  • 4 = Vessel No.
  • 5 = Port of loading / discharge
  • 6 = Place of receipt / delivery
  • 7 = Container No.
  • 8 = Goods description
  • 9 = Net weight
  • 10 = Dimensions / volume


The original invoice

For Russian Customs this is the way to be sure than goods received are the same in the declaration.


The packing list

An international trade document that is always included in the document bundle and on which all packages making up a shipment are listed. This list makes it possible to check the conformity of the shipment with the order, i.e. with the invoice drawn up by the seller.


Certificate of Origin

This document will serve as proof, confirming the authenticity and provenance of your goods. Indeed, in order to benefit from the GSP, you must prove the "made in Vietnam". Once the manufacturer has attested to its signature, a government agency in Vietnam will take care of the process.

Here is an example for China here:

Chinese Certificate of Origin

There might be some difficulties for you to handle it entirely. If this is a case, just send us an email or call us !


Prohibited & restricted items 

Here is a list of the main prohibited items:

Printed information, audio-visual and other containers:

  • calls for extreme and terrorist activities;
  • pornographic material;
  • materials on elections and referendums carried out in violation of the requirements of Russian legislation;

Civil and service weapons:

  • Firearms include artillery weapons, small arms and grenade dispensers - firearms that can be used to fire ripples;
  • firearms imitating other items;
  • cold blade arms and knives with a blade longer than 90 mm ;
  • gas weapons with toxic and neuroparalytic substances;

Hazardous waste containing any of the substances indicated in the customs documents.

Technical aids and devices for tacit information:

  • lenses and pinhole cameras;
  • photo, television and video cameras disguised as other objects ;
  • technical devices designed for telephone tapping.
  • Toxic substances that are not precursors of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances from the list approved by the Russian Ministry of Health.

Human organs and/or tissues, blood and its components.


Trade agreement 

Russian President Vladimir Putin ratified the Free Trade Agreement between the Eurasian Economic Union (EAU) and Vietnam on 1 May. At the end of April, the State Duma and the Council of the Russian Federation also ratified this agreement which was signed in May 2015 in Bourabay to facilitate economic exchanges between Vietnam and this Union which includes Russia, but also Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. It will provide for exemption from customs duties for a number of goods and the application of safeguard, anti-dumping and countervailing measures, in accordance with World Trade Organisation (WTO) regulations.

Annual trade between Vietnam and the EAU averages around $4 billion. The signing of their free trade agreement will raise it to $10 billion by 2020.


Trade relationship 

Vietnam's ambassador to Russia, Ngô Duc Manh, stressed the positive development of relations between the two countries last year during a meeting with representatives of Russian and Vietnamese news agencies held in Moscow on Wednesday 30 January.
Ngo Duc Manh said bilateral relations had developed in all areas: politics, economics, defense-security, science-technology, education and relations between the two peoples. In politics, mutual confidence has been strengthened by frequent exchanges of delegations over the past year, including the visit to Russia of the Secretary General of the Communist Party of Vietnam, Nguyen Phu Trong, and trips to Vietnam by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Duma Speaker Viacheslav Volodin.

One of the strengths of the bilateral relationship is the growing cooperation in defense and security, Ngo Duc Manh said, noting that for the first time Vietnam participated in the Army Games military demonstration party in Russia and ships of the Russian Pacific Fleet visited the port of Cam Ranh, Vietnam.

By taking advantage of the strengths of the free trade agreement between Vietnam and the Eurasian Economic Union, of which Russia is a member, companies from both countries have strengthened their economic, trade and investment partnership, the diplomat said.

Strengthening economic cooperation :

According to Vietnam's General Customs Department, bilateral trade reached $4.57 billion in 2018, up 28.6% from the previous year.

Building on the positive energy cooperation, the two sides promoted key joint projects, including the Centre for Nuclear Science and Technology Development Projects and Urban Transport in Vietnam.
Ngô Duc Manh added that the two sides had also extended their collaboration to digital technologies, e-government, renewable energy and the production of seeds, pesticides, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals. On tourism, the number of Russian visitors to Vietnam has reached a record of more than 600,000 in 2018, making it the largest in Europe and the sixth largest source of tourists, he said.

Ambassador Ngô Duc Manh said the two countries would celebrate the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty on Principles of Friendship between Vietnam and Russia, and were preparing to mark 70 years of bilateral diplomatic relations in 2020.

He expressed his conviction that the Year of Friendship would be successful and contribute to strengthening the bilateral partnership.


Additional services 

Our warehousing services 

The location of our warehouses in Vietnam: HCMC (Saigon), Haiphong and Quy Nhon is one of our big assets. Located near the ports, this makes it easy to store your goods. As long as you need it, we will store it after receipt. Afterwards, after giving us your address in Russia, we will organize the freight and delivery (if door-to-door service, of course).

The storage is guarded by guards and a whole process of security (cameras in particular).

Storage service in Russia

Our partners (companies we have been working with for many years) allow us to be able to offer you a storage service. Not only practical (good location) but also free-stress (security assured) and at reduced prices.


Our packing/unpacking services 


At Docshipper, we do everything we can to ensure that the operation goes smoothly. Therefore, the safety of your property is one of our priorities. Therefore, since our beginnings, we offer a packing service, personalized and at a lower price!


Packing material 

Carton box

Your carton box must be able to withstand the worst conditions without sagging while keeping your contents in perfect condition. We will help you make an informed choice based on the degree of protection required and the method of transport you are considering.


We manufacture, in our warehouses, a wide range of wood pallets to meet your shipping needs, both for domestic and export markets. Our wood pallets are made to measure to withstand the most rigorous loading, shipping, unloading and storage conditions.

Wooden boxes 

Our wooden shipping crates are custom-made to meet the demanding conditions of export markets. For any product that is sensitive to shocks, our crates are designed and manufactured to ensure the total protection of your merchandise throughout its transportation and handling.

If you wish to ship bulky, heavy or fragile products to foreign markets, wooden shipping crates remain a very good solution.

Others: bubble wrap, tape, wrapping paper… 

We offer packaging solutions in these materials (Bubble wrap...) tailored to your products, sublimating them in their packaging and protecting them from shocks and impacts related to shipping and handling. Whether you need to transport or ship fragile items, such as electronic items, our state-of-the-art system calculates the quantity required and the optimal bubble wrap configuration to protect them.


Why packing is important for the insurance ? 

The general terms and conditions of the "Marine Insurance Policies on Faculties" specify that insufficient packaging or packaging unsuited to the normal hazards of the voyage is a factor in the exclusion of the insurer's guarantees, as well as faulty cushioning or stowage (if the insured is responsible for it).

In this context, insurers can effectively refuse to pay for damage caused by such packaging failures, provided that they are noted by a damage surveyor or by the expert present at destination.

With Docshipper, benefit from professional packaging and thus avoid any problems.


Freight insurance 

How much does a freight insurance cost ?

This amount will be determined by the price of your goods and the price of freight.

You can make this calculation to estimate :(freight value + product value) * 2-3%.

The rate is a variable rate. It will increase or decrease depending on the nature of your goods.


Supplier management in Vietnam 

Control quality in Vietnam 

Our image of international logistics and our willingness to provide quality services leads us to contact your supplier. We have noticed that some suppliers have been sending out products with defective products and packaging. Our mission is not to let your goods leave without perfect condition/packaging. You can count on us to see to it. Our team is fluent in French, English, Vietnamese and Thai.


3PL Services in Vietnam 

Order fulfillment/Packing & labelling in Vietnam 

By trusting Docshipper, you don't have to worry about the often complicated supply chain. All services are under our control (customer relations, labelling, packaging, etc.).

Your concerns are now ours.


Last mile delivery 

Our network in both Russia and Vietnam allows us to deliver your goods to the destination address without any problems.


Shipping personal effects from Vietnam 

Excess baggage 

You've been shopping a little too much? Arriving at the airport way too busy? Docshipper is used to it and has the solution!
Our air freight express service allows you to receive your excess luggage in 3-5 days in Russia.

Moving service from Vietnam to Russia

Are you concerned about packaging, storage or customs clearance? It's normal, especially if it's your first operation. Let us guide and assist you. Are you interested in our relocation services? Check out our dedicated page : : Moving services


Free regulation advisor

Thanks to our experience of numerous year (especially between Vietnam and Russia) we are able to answer any questions (especially about administrative) . We ensure you a fast and efficient answer.

What are you waiting for? Please contact us.


DocShipper | Your dedicated freight forwarder in Vietnam !


Due to our attractive pricing, many customers trust our services and we thanks them. Stop overpaying the services and save money with our tailored package matching will all type of shipment, from small volume to full container, let us find the best and cost-effective solution.

Communication is important, which is why we strive to discuss in the most suitable way for you!