Although there are many books available on the Internet and one could spend hours researching, we have chosen to write this manual for your convenience.

We will review the different modes of transport available to you, as well as the requirements and guidelines you need to know before shipping goods from Vietnam to Malaysia. We also want you to know that the FNM Vietnam Group is here to offer you its expertise and ability to assist you in your endeavours.

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What is the best method of transport between Vietnam and Malaysia?

In this help document, we have researched and described the various possible routes between Vietnam and Malaysia. We will help you determine the most appropriate and cost-effective means of transport for your business, whether by sea, air or truck.

Sea freight shipping between Vietnam and Malaysia

The main seaports in Malaysia

  • Kelang port: Port Kelang is Malaysia's premier port on the Straits of Malacca, midway between the major ports of Pinang and Singapore. It is the port of Kuala Lumpur, the federal capital, 23 miles (37 km) to the east-northeast, with which it is connected by road and rail. At the mouth of the Sungai (river) Kelang, it is accessible to ocean-going vessels through the Selat Kelang Utara (North Kelang Strait).


  • Tanjung Pelepas port : Tanjung Pelepas, which, thanks to a 14% growth last year, recorded a traffic of 11.2 MEVP. The port was still 19th two years ago. It has risen to 15th in the world.


  • Kota Kinabalu port :KOTA KINABALU is a medium-sized port. The types of ships that regularly call at KOTA KINABALU are: container ships (17%), general cargo (12%), oil/chemicals (9%), tankers (8%), bulk carriers (7%).

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Kelang port

Tanjung Pelaps port

Kota Kinabalu port

Hai Phong

8 days

7 days

6 days

Da Nang

6 days

5 days 

4 days

Ho Chi Minh

4 days

4 days

3 days 

Should I ship my goods as a groupage or full container between Vietnam and Malaysia?

There are three basic sorts of conventional container sizes. They may all be utilized for both personal and business transport. We can see that they are primarily employed by merchants for any type of solid sample:

  • The 40 feet HQ (High Cube, which has a capacity of 76 cubic meters)
  • The 40 feet container (which has a capacity of 67 cubic meters)

The 20 feet container (which has a capacity of 33 cubic meters)

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Special sea freight between Vietnam and Malaysia

The size of your load, as well as the goods, are all factors that determine the type of support you will need. If you are carrying certain items, the following points are crucial to note. 

Reefer container 

A refrigerated container, often referred to as a reefer, is a container that can maintain a specific temperature regardless of weather conditions. It works by sending its parameters to the ship's bridge.


Roro or roll-on/roll-off ships are specially designed to transport wheeled cargo, such as automobiles, vehicles, semi-trailers, vans, or rail line carriages, which are propelled by their own tires both inside and outside the ship.

The most safe and effective method of managing with and transporting bigger or unusual enterprise cargo. Deliveries are typically carried in one unit from the dock to the ultimate destination using specialised containers. Reduced maintenance, no exposure to wetness or temperature since the cargo is continually stored in the vehicular decks of the Ro-Ro container for the duration of the voyage.


Bulk goods are delivered directly into the ship's cargo. Therefore, a certification is produced locally, accessible among bulk and common cargoes. Large volume and free-flowing cargo. Bulk carriers are vessels specially designed for each type of cargo, for example to carry sand, aggregates, grain and dense materials such as minerals. 


Out of Gauge (OOG) freight means ”out of measure or out of standard.” OOG chambers might be divided into two types: open-top containers and flat shelf containers.

The Open Top Container is used to transport heavy and bulky finished objects that must be handled and piled using a forklift.

The flat-Rack box is used to transport items that are heavy, unwieldy, and greater in height or perhaps breadth than typical. For items that are extremely long, exceedingly broad, overly tall, or unduly heavy. This type of hardware is excellent for items that cannot be placed into regular chambers due to the size of the cargo.

DocShipper's professionals are here to answer all your questions about heavy lifting or other types of cargo. They will answer all your questions and provide you with the best option for your needs. Contact us for more information.

How much does it cost to ship from Vietnam to Malaysia?

It is impossible to give an exact price for a shipment from Vietnam to Malaysia, as every shipment is different. The price of your shipment will be based on the weight and volume of your goods. If you want to know how much your shipment will cost, ask our experts for a free quote.

However, we can explain to you how this is calculated because the pricing of sea freight is calculated according to the weight and volume of the goods transported.

  • You should know that the weight/volume ratio is calculated according to an equivalence rule which is the following: 1 ton = 1 m3

Conventional transport and groupage are established in UP. This unit of measurement is equivalent either :

  • in volume expressed in cubic meters
  • in mass expressed in tons
  • Whatever the unit of measurement (in volume or in mass) it will always be to the advantage of the carrier that the calculation will be made, in other words it corresponds to the highest value.

Here is an example: if a cargo has a mass of 6 tons and a volume of 8 m3 then the price will be 10 UP and conversely if it has a mass of 10 tons for a volume of 5 m3 then the cargo will have a price of 9 UP.

Tariff supplementations

Maritime tariff surcharges are charges levied by maritime transport providers in addition to the negotiated party-agreement tariff and which depend on a specific context.

The pricing of freight transport by sea is characterised by its complexity.

BAF : Bunker Adjustment Factor 

This tariff surcharge corresponds to fluctuations in the price of crude oil. Given the consumption of modern ships, shipping companies began to apply it after the first oil crisis in 1973. It has remained on the agenda ever since.

CAF : Currency Adjustment Factor 

This surcharge corresponds to fluctuations in the value of the dollar. As the vast majority of ocean freight rates are calculated in US dollars, companies hedge against currency risks with this surcharge.

THC : Terminal Handling Charge 

THC represents the handling charges at the port of loading and unloading. The amount may be fixed in the case of a container (price per container) or variable in the case of conventional (i.e. "non-containerised") cargo. In the latter case, the rate is per tonne and may be subject to various surcharges (for "excessive" size or weight).

ORC : Origin Receipt Charge 

This surcharge is payable only on departure from Chinese ports. It helps to finance the very rapid development of Chinese ports.

Port congestion

Port congestion is linked to an imbalance between the operational possibilities of a port and the influx of ships. A ship arriving in one of these ports will have to wait, sometimes for several days, before it can unload its cargo. The companies therefore apply a surcharge to compensate for this "loss of revenue". The main ports subject to congestion are those in the Mediterranean (Algeria, Libya, etc.) and the Persian Gulf.

Air freight shipping between Vietnam and Malaysia

The different type of freight 

Air freight is the fastest way to transport goods to their destination; transferring an item from Vietnam to Malaysia can take only a few days. Air freight is also the most reliable mode of delivery; it is used to transport not only light and valuable items, but also ordinary goods such as clothing, electronics and any other goods that deteriorate at sea. Packing and collection are less expensive than for sea shipments because the risk of destruction is reduced. 

You can choose between two different types of transport: 

  • Conventional air freight: Products are delivered in this way on scheduled flights operated by airlines such as British Airways, Air China, Thai Airways and Qatar Airways, which take advantage of the capacity available on commercial aircraft.
  • Express air freight: In this second, more expensive, option, items are delivered on aircraft specially designed for air freight. Companies known as “courier companies” are then responsible for providing door-to-door services, such as picking up the items from the airline and delivering them to the consumer. These include DHL, FedEx, TNT and UPS. Items are supplied to customers in this way, and they can also be hand-delivered anywhere in the world.

Vietnam Airlines – Logos Download

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What are the advantages of air freight ?

There are several forms of transportation, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. As you may know, air freight is frequently utilized for high-value and low-volume goods. But what are some of the other (popular) reasons for shipping goods by air? 

  1. The fastest way to ship

When your goods need to be transported quickly, air freight is the better solution than sea freight or road transport, without any doubt. 

  1. Highly reliable arrival and departure times

Flight arrival and departure times are very reliable, as airlines tend to manage their schedules well. Even missing a flight does not cause a major delay, as there are usually departures every hour.

  1. Send your goods almost anywhere

Many airlines have an extensive network of destinations that cover almost the entire world. This means that you can send your cargo to almost any destination.

  1. Low insurance premium for high savings

Because air freight has a relatively short transit time, the insurance premium is lower. Even though air freight can be expensive, this saves money in terms of insurance costs.

  1. High level of security and reduced risk of theft and damage

Shipping by air offers the advantage of a high level of security, as airport security checks on cargo are closely managed. Rigorous airport controls also reduce the risk of theft and damage to cargo.

  1. Less warehousing requirements and fewer items in stock

With the shorter transit times of air freight, you have less need for local warehouses and no need to keep items in stock. Customs clearance, cargo inspection and handlers are more efficient, as most goods are cleared within hours.

  1. Less packaging required

Normally, air shipments require less packaging than ocean shipments, for example. This means that you save both time and money in providing an additional packing service.

  1. Track the status of your cargo

Many companies give you the option of tracking your goods using a web application, which means you can follow the status of your cargo from departure to arrival to stay constantly informed.

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How much does sea freight cost between Vietnam and Malaysia?

The cost of air freight is also determined by the ratio between the weight and size of the goods, which is calculated by multiplying the chargeable weight by the price per kilogram.

While the IATA tax is essentially mandatory, it may be subject to size limits. It is a territorial tax that decreases rapidly in weight and varies from country to country. There is a basic cost for minor shipments.

Despite the higher base prices, air freight is often cheaper per kilogram than delivery companies. Finally, for both artwork and express couriers, the greatest of gross tonnage (on the scale) and cubic load (in light of considerations) will be used to estimate the cost of air freight.

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How to calculate the volumetric weight of your shipment?

The taxable weight is equal to the maximum between the gross weight of the goods in tonnes and the volume in m3 divided by 6. 

A simple method to find out the taxable weight is as follows:

  • Divide your volume in m3 by 6
  •  If the result is greater than the gross weight in tonnes, the taxable weight will be this result
  • If not, the taxable weight will be your gross weight


Your goods have a volume of 18m3 and weigh 2 tonnes.

  • Divide the volume by 6: 18 / 6 = 3
  • The result, 3, is greater than the gross weight in tonnes (2), so the taxable weight of your goods is 3 tonnes

If your goods weigh 4 tonnes, not 2, then the taxable weight is 4 tonnes.

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Road freight between Vietnam and Malaysia 

Road transport from Vietnam to Malaysia 

Given the health crisis, road transport has proven to be a reliable and cost-effective mode of transport for Vietnam. According to statistics, trucks save 50% of transport costs compared to air and 30-50% of time compared to rail.

What is the transit time by road from Vietnam to Malaysia? 

We transport your goods within three days from Vietnam to the Malaysian peninsula. Depending on whether your goods are leaving from the south or the north of Vietnam, they will transit through Laos or Cambodia, Thailand and finally Malaysia.

A trip from Ho Chi Minh City to Kuala Lumpur, for example, will take three days. Door-to-door. 

What are the advantages of road transport between Vietnam and Malaysia? 

Ground freight, like other modes of freight transportation, has a number of advantages that can help you take your business to the next level. Here are some of the benefits of using ground freight services:

Safety - Trucks are one of the safest modes of transport on the market. You can transport your items in LTL (less than truckload) or FTL (full truckload) containers.
On-time delivery - Whether you need your items in two days or five days, getting them there on time is critical to the success of your business. We understand the importance of keeping a schedule and ensuring that everything you ship arrives on time.
Cargo tracking - Want to make sure everything is going well with your cargo? You can get reliable information on the status of the process by contacting our staff!
Extensive network - In case of delays due to weather or road conditions, you will be informed in real time thanks to the wide range of carriers we partner with.
Experience - When it comes to your goods and, by extension, your company's reputation, you want to be sure they are in safe hands.

Door-to-Door service between Vietnam and Malaysia 

It is a means of transport that consists of carrying objects from the company's facilities to the buyer's door, while taking care of the entire shipping process. This method can be used for any type of shipment. It can use any means of transport, which is why intermodal freight is recommended.

The door-to-door service is attractive because it takes care of the whole supply process. From the point of view of the customer buying the goods or the supplier delivering the products, it is a cost-effective strategy to save money.

Customs clearance in Vietnam for goods imported from Malaysia 

When a product is imported, exported or in transit, it must be declared to the customs authorities as soon as it enters or leaves the customs territory of the country. This process is known as customs clearance. Thus, it is only when the declarant or owner of the goods has fulfilled his obligations or completed the numerous formalities, whether in terms of control, taxation or formalities, that the declarant or owner of the goods will be allowed to recover his goods.

In addition, any transport of goods, whether for import, export or simple transit, must be declared to customs, receive a customs authorisation and comply with all procedures.

FNM advice: Do you need more information about the tariff classification? You should click here. FNM is providing a customs clearance service in addition to our freight services to ensure your goods pass customs with complete peace of mind.


Vietnamese Customs


Official Name: General Department of Vietnam Customs

Website: Vietnamese Customs

Malaysian customs

Royal Malaysian customs

Official name: Royal Malaysian customs 

Website: Malaysian customs 

Required documents

Certificate of origin 

The certificate of origin attests to the country of origin of the goods transported. The country of manufacture, which should not be confused with the place of origin of the goods, is indicated in this document, which is necessary in international trade.

Is a certificate of origin required for import from China? - Quora

Original invoice 

To clear your purchases through customs, whether for Malaysia or Vietnam, you must have the original invoice. Check that the quantity on the original invoice and the packing list match.

Bill of lading 

The bill of lading is a proof of carriage document that attests to the exporter's delivery of the declared goods. Furthermore, the bill of lading is a legal document, which must be taken into account. In addition, it provides all the data necessary to process the freight and invoice it correctly.


Packing list

For each of the parties involved in the supply chain, shippers create a "packing list". This official document, which is required for every air and sea freight shipment, provides all the information on the product(s) and packaging that are included in each shipment.

Health certificate

The health certificate is a certificate which attests, after control by the competent authorities, that the products comply with the standards laid down by the legislation on production hygiene, microbiological standards of food products and animal health.

Please contact our DocShipper professionals if you want to import products from any of the above lists! They will walk you through the whole procedure.

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Packaging and repackaging

If you want to ensure that your product is stable throughout delivery and has the best possible protection during storage, you should not ignore the packing and preparation stage. For your business, we have pallets, cartons, boxes, tape, bubble wrap and other supplies. So feel free to take a look around our website.

Please see our dedicated packaging services page for more details.


Storage and warehousing

DocShipper's warehouses are well located to hold your goods for as long as necessary before exporting them. In addition, we can recommend a container optimisation strategy, for example, if you are pooling your products with those of other suppliers, or if you are filling a container to capacity, or if you already have a full container but want to split it up at the destination port and distribute it to other regions.

Please see our warehousing services page for more details.


Insurance for Transport

The cost of insurance varies depending on the type of vehicle utilized, the products' idea, and the insurance provider. Regardless of the goods, the pronounced worth may be increased by up to 20% to account for any damage incurred. The supporter indicates the product's worth as well as the principal transportation expenses.

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Moving and shipping personal belongings

Is it accurate to say that you want to go to Malaysia? You need to ship a lot of luggage or souvenirs when you travel. Professionals take care of all the pressing, packing and customs clearance to ensure safe delivery to your home, whether in Malaysia, Vietnam or anywhere else on the planet.

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3PL providers

Buy orders, bundles, and names: Additionally crucial for the production network are purchase requests and distribution. We have a distribution facility in Camporosso, northern Italy, where we can keep your goods and prepare all of your orders, saving you time. We can procure all of your shipments from Thailand and handle all of the administrative tasks you need.

Delivery to the final mile: Our website will deliver all of your B2C orders for e-commerce to any location. We will deliver every one of your clients within 48 hours at the most because to our prime location in the heart of Europe, not far from France.

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