It could be difficult to evaluate the import of goods from Vietnam to Morocco. This difficulty is why we want this tutorial as clear as possible, with essential details about laws, standards, and shipping importing from Vietnam to Morocco.
If you apply our instructions and advice step-by-step, whether you are a start-up, a big company, or even an individual, if you want to export or import from Vietnam to Morocco, you’ll benefit from the most appropriate importation to your needs.


What is the best way to ship from Vietnam to Morocco

You have two different ways to ship your goods from Vietnam to Morocco: Sea Freight and Air Freight. FNM Vietnam will give you all you need to know to help you choose the shipment method adapted to your needs.

Sea Freight from Vietnam to Morocco

Main Vietnamese seaports

Saigon port

This port, which was the 24th busiest cargo port in the world in 2013, has contributed significantly to the expansion of the city. Over 35 million metric tons of cargo and 1.5 million TEUs of containers were transported via the Port of Saigon in 2006 (the equivalent of 20 feet). At the end of 2012, the Port of Saigon handled 3.5 million goods, an increase of 14% over 2011.

Haipong port

One of Vietnam's three major ports, Hipong is connected to the other two via a variety of modes of transportation. In the north of Vietnam, Haiphong is a significant commercial hub accessible by land, air, sea, and train.
Cargoes must be transshipped on smaller vessels, though, as it is not on an open sea. To transfer your products to this port, you will need to transship in Singapore or Hong Kong.

Da Nang Port

One of Vietnam's major port networks, Da Nang Port handles about 2.8 million tons of cargo annually, of which 1.2 million are exports. At one end of the East-West commercial corridor that links Vietnam to Laos, Thailand, and Burma is the port city of Da Nang.

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Transit time between Vietnamese and Moroccan ports

We created the following table to provide you with an approximate notion of the transit times between Vietnamese and Moroccan ports:


Note : This tool is provided for information only. It gives you an estimated time for connecting two ports but do not include all factors such as gathering, delivery, taxes, and duties.

Should I ship by LCL or by FCL between Vietnam and Morocco?

The three standard sizes of containers are :

  • The 20 feet container with a capacity of 33 m3
  • The 40 feet HQ container with a capacity of 76 m3
  • The 40 feet container with a capacity of 67 m3

You have two transport possibilities, which are :

Special sea freight between Vietnam and Morocco

Reefer container

This method of “complex” item shipment in thermal containers was created especially for food or delicate pharmaceuticals. Numerous adjustments may be made to the atmosphere, humidity, and temperature using these containers. They may be adapted to suppliers' requirements because they come in a range of sizes.


Roll-on/roll-off boats, or Ro-Ro boats, are designed to transport goods on rollers. To load and unload cargo, Ro-Ro boats utilize their own tires.

Since Ro-Ro freight is frequently moved in a single move utilizing customized decks, it requires less physical handling and is less likely to be impacted by sea or weather conditions (from point of entry to point of destination). The platforms of the ships are used to store cargo throughout the travel.

Large or unique goods may be transported in the safest and most economical manner possible with this kind of transportation.


There are two types of goods that are transported by “cargo ships”: “bulk” goods that are loaded onto the ship's cargo and “regular cargo” items. The ships are made to carry particular kinds of cargo, such coal, minerals, etc.


Non-standard ships (OOG) are divided into two types:

Large and weighty volumes of completed items are transported using open-top ships. This method of transport necessitates intensive management, since it can be handled by a crane or overhead crane.

On the other side, the “Flat Rack Container” is a container with a flat bottom. They are used to moving broad and grand things that are hefty or enormous.
The transportation of items that cannot be conveyed in boxes is done with the help of such vessels. Additionally, they provide quicker loading and unloading times and better container security.

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How much does sea freight cost between Vietnam and Morocco ?

The volume and weight of the items being transported affect the cost of shipping goods by sea. The weight and volume of the items must be known in order to compute the ratio.

According to the equivalency technique, which is comparable to "1 ton = 1 m3" the weight/volume ratio is determined.

Traditional transportation and consolidation in units of payment are calculated using the weight/volume ratio calculation and the supposition that 1 ton = 1 m3 (UP). In reality, there are two definitions for these units of measurement:

  • In mass measured in kilograms
  • In volume measured in cubic meters

No matter the unit of measurement, the cargo—the value that benefits the container—is always taken into account. This is the highest value that may be used.

For instance, the price would be 10 UP for cargo with a weight of 8 tons and a volume of 10 m3. However, if the cargo is 9 tons and has a 4 m3 capacity, the price is 9 UP.

According to the “ship's package” which is dependent on the kind of ship utilized as well as the delivery firms, the price of a full container will be calculated.

Rate supplements

Supplementary fees are assessed on top of the carrier's standard rates. Those costs change based on the circumstances.

BAF stands for Bunker Adjustment Factor

The fundamental transportation expenses are taxed using the Bunker Adjustment Factor. This surcharge, which varies with the price of oil, has been in place since 1973, when the first oil crisis occurred.

Currency Adjustment Factor is known as CAF

The rate for the Currency Adjustment Factor is decided by the cargo and BAF. The value of the dollar affects how much this rate changes. In an effort to hedge against currency changes, businesses choose to price their products in US dollars.

ORC stands for Origin Receipt Charge

Only Chinese ports levy a fee known as the Origin Receipt Charge. To fund their fast development, Chinese ports have imposed this “tax,” which is paid at the time of departure.

Terminal Handling Charge, or THC

The terminal handling fee covers all expenses related to processing at the port, such as cargo unloading and loading. For a vessel, the amount will be constant and equal to the price of the container. However, in the event of groupage, the price will be changed, and the quantity will be determined by the number of tons or m3.


If the shipowner has delayed loading or unloading past the allotted period, the charterer may impose this fee. This fee is charged each time the charterer goes over the allotted time, regardless of whether it was his fault, a strike, or traffic. Demurrage is the term used by shipping companies to describe the expense of renting out boats while they are still in the port area for transit.

Port congestion

Companies impose a surcharge to help compensate for the revenue lost when one of their ships is unable to offload cargo because of a clogged port. In this scenario, it's possible that the ship won't be able to dock and unload for several days.

air freight services guide

What are the advantages of air freight?

The fastest method to travel
Air travel is undoubtedly the most effective means of transportation for speed. The timely delivery of your goods is essential in the commercial world of today.

Times of departure and arrival are very reliable
The arrival and departure timings of flights are very precise since they arrange their itineraries months in advance. Since flights are often scheduled every hour, there isn't a major delay in the transfer of a package that “misses” its flight.

Deliver your products almost everywhere
Almost anyplace in the globe may be reached by transporting your goods. Most airplanes can go practically everywhere in the globe since they have a vast network of routes.

A modest insurance fee might result in big financial savings
Costs for insurance are quite low for air freight. This is a result of this form of transportation's incredibly quick duration. Air freight still saves money on insurance in spite of its high cost.

Extremely safe and low possibility of damage or loss
Entry into the terminal is rigorously regulated, which significantly lowers the chance of product loss or damage. Air freight delivery is therefore exceedingly safe.

Storage and warehousing restrictions are kept to a minimum
Air freight is more beneficial in terms of storage. Because deliveries may be done more often and in lower amounts, there is no need for a large warehouse. Additionally, customs exams, processing, and checks on things are less time-consuming and may be achieved in a matter of hours.

Packaging has to be reduced
Air freight requires less packing in terms of volume. As a result, you save time and money by not having to pay for extra packaging as you would with ocean freight.

The majority of the time, courier services are in charge of tracking air freight. With the help of straightforward software, you can trace your shipment from its departure until arrival.

Air freight shipping between Vietnam and Morocco

Classic vs Express air freight

classic-vs-express-air-freightTo swiftly transport goods to their terminal, air transport is employed. In reality, it is the quickest method of shipping because it only takes a few days to send anything from Vietnam to Morocco. Furthermore, air freight is by far the most dependable form of delivery. High-value things, as well as publications, electrical equipment, clothes, and anything else that may be harmed by the ocean, should all be stored in this way.

Traditional air freight: This technique is using the open space of commercial aircraft to deliver goods on commercial carriers as Royal Air Maroc, Qatar Airways, Vietnam Airlines, or Emirates.

Express air freight : The aircraft used for this service's airfreight deliveries are specifically designed for that purpose. TNT, FedEx, DHL, UPS, and other courier services offer door-to-door delivery.

With this kind of quick courier, you may ship goods in about a week and have them delivered to your house, no matter where you are in the globe.

Since this is a comprehensive service, it doesn't seem that the consumer must clear the less expensive goods through customs on their own. Since the cost of this method is substantially less than that of an ocean cargo like an LCL, it is especially appealing for modest volume shipments (up to 1 m3).

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How much does it cost to transport air freight between Vietnam and Morocco?

The IATA weight index is a pricing structure with a sliding scale that enables savings for bulk goods. This charge varies by the nation, but is typically necessary. Exports that are cut back are subject to a minimum tax rate.
Similar to ocean shipping, the fees for this form of transportation are expressed in terms of taxable weight and must be multiplied by the rate per kilogram.

Air freight handled by "couriers" will cost more per kilogram than air freight transported by a conventional airline on a commercial journey, while having greater fixed expenses. It is important to remember that, like ocean freight, the cost of air freight is determined by the bigger of the two factors: gross weight or volumetric weight. This presumption is true for both regular and urgent air freight.

How to calculate the volumetric weight of your shipment?

For conventional freight, the rule of correspondence is established as follows: 1 ton for 6 m3, or a weight/volume ratio of 1 for 6, and gross weight taxation for ratios that are less than or equal to 1 for 6. The effective volume in this instance is divided by 6 to get a volumetric weight that can serve as a benchmark for pricing. Example: 1 m3 Equals 167 Kg (1 for 6)
For air freight, the rule of correspondence is set as follows: 1 ton for 5 m3, i.e., a weight/volume ratio of 1 for 5. Example: 1 m3 = 200 kgs (1 for 5)

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The monetary value

The quantity of the price at the first rental, also called fiscal value, is used to calculate and collect VAT in France: the "mise à la consommation"(MAC).

The foundation for calculating the VAT is as follows:
Additional costs including packing, storage, delivery, and insurance are required up until the items' initial destination on French soil.
A levy, taxes, and other levies are in addition to the VAT itself. The computation of VAT includes customs charges as well as any other applicable national taxes.

The custom value

The CIF value, or customs value, is the total of all incidental transit fees at the EU border plus the cost of the products. Regardless of the nation of shipment, the cost of all products at the EU border will be the customs value cost.
This custom value will serve as the foundation for figuring out customs fees.

How to calculate customs duties and taxes?

You must first know how much tax and duty will be charged on the items you seek to import in order to determine the total amount you will be required to pay.
Finding the items' “HS code” or tariff categories is the first step.
Three requirements must be satisfied in order to establish the customs system: the items' HS code, the origin, and the customs value.
Over 95% of global trade is presently covered by the HS code, which is currently utilized by 207 countries. This method was developed to categorize products in the countries that use it in a consistent, distinct manner. A number is given to each item traded on the global market.
This makes it possible to generate statistics and meaningfully compare trade flows.

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Vietnamese Customs


Official Name: General Department of Vietnam Customs

Website: Vietnamese Customs

Morocco Customs


Official name: Administration of Customs and Excise

Website: Moroccan Customs

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Required documents

Bill of lading

The bill of lading is a shipping document that attests that the exporter has exported the products listed on it. The conditions of a contract between the carrier and the entity in charge of the products' transportation are outlined in this formal document. Thus, the price of the products is communicated together with the names of the many locations where they are transported.
The bill of lading is a document with legal significance. Additionally, it offers all the information required to properly manage and declare the shipment.
The Air Waybill is this document's air freight counterpart (AWB).

The packing list

The packing list is a document made by carriers for the different supply chain participants. Every ocean and air cargo needs to have this official document, which includes a list of all the product and packing information for each shipment.

Original Invoice

To clear your goods in Morocco and France, you need to obtain the original receipt. Therefore, it is crucial to confirm that the number on the original invoice and the packing list match.

Certificate of Origin

The provenance of the transported goods is guaranteed by the certificate of origin. The country of manufacturing, which should not be mistaken with the country of origin of the goods, is stated in this crucial document for international trade. Consequently, the country of manufacturing is identified in this official document. To take advantage of the favorable customs taxes that apply to certain product kinds, this paper is required.

Restricted and prohibited products

The following items are restricted/prohibited from being brought into these countries :

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Other logistics services

sourcing services negotiation

Supplier management in Vietnam

In addition to the services we provide, we get in touch with your suppliers beforehand to learn more about your products. We also carry out quality control of your products, paying special attention to the condition, quality, and packaging of the items, and we guarantee the availability of each certificate of conformity in order to assure the acceptance of your product in the region concerned by the import. Finally, we confirm the HS code and measure the products.

For further details, please visit our website devoted to our sourcing service.


Packaging and reconditioning

The packing and preparation stage should not be overlooked in order to guarantee that your shipment is properly stable throughout transit and hence offers the best protection during storage. Get in touch with our FNM professionals! All of our partners, on both the Vietnamese and the Moroccan sides, contribute their expertise to produce high-quality packaging work. For your items, we may offer you materials like pallets, cardboard, boxes, tape, bubble wrap, etc.

Please visit our packing services page for more information.


Storage and warehousing

The warehouses of DocShipper and FNM are well situated to receive your products for as long as required before delivering them to Morocco or other interesting locations. Additionally, we can suggest a strategy to optimize your containers, depending on whether you want to group your products with those of other suppliers or fill a full container; alternatively, we can suggest splitting a full container at the destination port and distributing it to different addresses if you have one full container.

For further details, please feel free to browse our website on storage services.


Shipping personal effects

FNM Vietnam can help you with all of these things, whether you're moving abroad, coming back after moving abroad, or just trying to reduce excess luggage. We offer specialized services for wrapping, packaging, customs clearance, and safe shipment. The service is accessible everywhere.

For additional information, please visit our relocation services page.


Freight insurance

Application of the following formula: premium rate x stated amount

The cost of insurance varies according to the mode of transportation chosen, the kind of products being transported, the insurance policy, and more. By raising the claimed value by up to 20%, you will be able to cover additional items as well as potential damages.

For more details, kindly visit our insurance services page.



3PL service

Ordering, packaging, and labeling: We save you time by holding your products and achieving all of your orders at our conveniently placed warehouse in Camporosso, Northern Italy. We oversee orders and delivery as a component of the supply chain, and we may accept your overseas shipments. Then, we handle all of your order selection, inventory, packing, storage, labeling, and distribution needs.

Delivery to the last mile: We promise to send all of your B to C orders for e-commerce from our warehouse. The maximum delivery time for your consumers is 48 hours, and you are strategically located in the middle of Europe.

For additional information, please visit our website devoted to 3PL Services.

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