FNM Vietnam and SINO Shipping are belonging to the same logistic network in Asia. Present in the major economic hubs of China, the freight experience of SINO Shipping is outstanding. Based in Hong Kong, a tremendous freight hub for Chinese enterprises, SINO Shipping made its way in the very competitive universe of logistic in China. With 80% of their customers being international, the company is an ideal partner for all goods’ transport from or to China. We’re recommending them for all activities in China. Don’t hesitate to visit their website, SINO Shipping.

SINO Shipping, freight forwarder and custom commissioner in China and Hong Kong

SINO Shipping can provide the same scope of services as FNM Vietnam, in all the Chinese territory.

Air freight: Their agents are present in all the major Chinese airports, planning air freight services close from your supplier or your destination. SINO Shipping is possessing at least one agent for each province. In the most dynamic provinces like Guangdong, there is 10 agents to handle all the freight volume. SINO Shipping can provide you all the air freight services existing. Urgent transport (less than 48 hours), courier transport (3 days), classic air freight (7-10 days). They are well reputed for local and international air freights.

Ocean freight: SINO Shipping is also positioned in the major ports of the country, like Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Ningbo, Xiamen, Shanghai, Tianjin and Dalian. Their collaborators are managing your container moves on place. Their great relations with the local customs authorities are ensuring a quick clearance of your shipment, so the transfer remains fluid and uninterrupted. For a full container or a few CBMs only, you can fully rely on their services. They will book the first spaces available for you, thanks to their great network.

Rail freight: The new silk road is the most active rail freight route in the world. Starting from Yiwu, in the south of Shanghai, and crossing central Asia, it enable to transfer shipments to the major European cities (London, Paris, Madrid, Brussels, Warsaw, Berlin…). This transport method is a good alternative to sea freight (longer in time) and air freight (more expensive). SINO Shipping can provide you a transfer to Europe in less than 20 days from China, thanks to rail freight.

Multimodal freight: With rail freight, multimodal freight is a second alternative to ocean and air freight. Allying the two methods quoted, it enables you to optimize costs and the transfer time of your shipment. The advantage of this solution is that it can be used for various continents, contrary to rail freight which can only be used to Asia and Europe. The international network of SINO Shipping will optimize time spent on the multimodal platforms, like in Dubai, where your goods will be transferred from the vessel to the plane.

Road freight: Inside China or in destination of all its neighbouring countries, SINO Shipping can propose you great services of road freight. Its truck fleet, driven by their experienced truck drivers are guaranteeing a transfer of your goods in security. Their network of customs specialists is communicating with the drivers at the checkpoints, for a least time lost in the Chinese borders.

Customs clearance in China: If you’re not experienced in international trade, moreover with China, you will find the customs clearance services of SINO Shipping very welcome. The clearance of your goods is a complex phase of their transfer, which require a lot of reactivity and rigor. No documents must be forgotten. Their Chinese teams speaking Mandarin and Cantonese, are ensuring a great communication with the Chinese customs authorities. For an export or an import, the customs clearance will be greatly handled.

Door to door: If you don’t have any experience in logistics, or if you prefer to be focused on your domain of expertise, you will probably choose the “door-to-door” solutions of SINO Shipping. This kind of “All-inclusive” services will provide you an unequalled peace of mind. Indeed, all the different steps, from the pickup of your goods, to the delivery at your address will be ensured by SINO Shipping. Your only task is to receive your goods at your location. Furthermore, in China as well as abroad, our international network will ensure a complete control of your goods’ freight.

Packing and warehousing: The packing and warehousing operations of your goods are made in the SINO Shipping’s warehouses, located greatly through all China. You can ask them to store your goods during all the necessary time. If the packing of your shipment isn’t well handled by your supplier, the SINO Shipping packing teams, skilled for all types of goods, can give a further protection on your shipment. Their warehouses can also help to store goods before they’re sent, so you will have the necessary time to be able to receive them. Their warehouses are watched 24/7 by CCTVs and security staff. Your goods will be stored safely.

Freight Insurance: The good relations maintained by SINO Shipping with the carriers, are enabling them to provide you great insurance policies negotiated at the best prices. For all kinds of freights, and in destination of everywhere, SINO Shipping will automatically propose you to insure your goods against any misfortune that may occur during their transport. It isn’t mandatory to insure goods, but it is highly advised to insure them, departing from or arriving in China.

Relocation: For all international or local moving in China, the SINO Sipping teams can assist you in any phases of your relocation. For the survey, the packing, the loading, the transport, the unloading and the disposal of your goods in your new residence, their highly skilled staff will handle your goods with great attention. In China or abroad, their services are highly qualitative, enabling you to start your new life the best way.

A polyglot staff enabling a great communication in China and abroad

Our freight forwarder network is multicultural by essence. We are cultivating this value, thinking that it is a great asset for an enterprise like us, working on an international market. At SINO Shipping, consultants are mastering Cantonese, Mandarin, French and English for a precise understanding and application of your requirements. It enables also to make the link with the rail, maritime, and air freight Chinese companies in the best way possible. These principles are also applying for the communication with your suppliers and the customs administrations.

A great flexibility, to satisfy everyone

Every request being unique, SINO Shipping is handling every demand case by case. Hence, from the first contact to the final delivery, the same consultant will handle your request, for a great communication. All services provided by SINO Shipping are tailor made, so they can match your imperatives the best way. Do not hesitate to ask advices to their consultants, they will show you all the transport possibilities, before you choose the one you prefer.

A privileged communication for each client

SINO Shipping always showed a total transparency and adaptability with their clients, as required by our network policies. For each progress of your transfer, their specialists will immediately inform you, with mails or phone calls. Also, you can contact them spontaneously every time you need more details. Your personal consultant will provide you a detailed answer within 24 hours. You will always be able to reach your consultant from the first contact, until you are fully satisfied of their services.

A recognized local and global experience

For all your trading researches, or to know the reliability of your supplier, do not hesitate to ask them advices. They are also proficient in sourcing on all the Chinese territory. These double skills are making them a pioneer in the import/export market in China.

For all these reasons, SINO Shipping is a key component of our freight forwarder network, and a partner of choice for all your projects in China. Do not hesitate to contact them, or to visit their website SINO Shipping for further details.

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