Here at DocShipper, we have a presence everywhere. DocShipper is subsequently likewise present in France to help you in all your purchasing and global coordination tasks. You will see that importation and exportation have never been that simple! Being at the focal point of Europe, France benefits from an amazing location position, which is a huge advantage for having worldwide air and sea commercial links.

DocShipper services in France

Road freight from/to France

Road cargo is generally an imperative strategy since it will basically connect the various terminals: your office, stockroom, or home, and the flight/appearance terminals like ports, air terminals, and train stations.                                                                                                             transport routier

If it's not too much trouble, note that for brief distances, we can utilize the truck for a house-to-house arrangement straightforwardly. This is for instance the situation for cross-line transport.

Air freight from/to France

fret aerien

In spite of the fact that it's anything but a costly and polluting transportation arrangement, airship cargo makes it conceivable to dispatch merchandise over significant distances and rapidly. A couple of long stretches of travel and your bundle to cross the world. Indeed, you have to pick between 2 choices:

Traditional Air Cargo: You utilize the space accessible in ordinary carriers like Air France,

American Airlines, Qatar Airways…

Express Air Freight: You have a little package—typically under 100 Kgs - we prescribe sending your merchandise with an express organization like DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS...

Sea freight from/to France

fret maritime

Ocean cargo is the most generally utilized strategy for transportation since it permits us to deliver huge volumes to the opposite side of the world at a cutthroat cost. You have the likelihood to send your

merchandise under 2 equations:

Less compartment load (LCL): You bunch your merchandise with different transporters in only one holder.

Full compartment load (FCL): You hold the entire holder. The compartment is fixed from takeoff to appearance.

Post-transport services in France

In France, we offer a huge number of post-transport coordination arrangements. Do you need to store your products for a short or extensive stretch of time? You can lease space in our distribution centers.

We likewise offer packing assistance. A point not to be dismissed since it will condition the entire operations: if your products are wrapped in the correct manner, everything ought to go as arranged. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you disregard this progression, you might have unsavory shocks.

DocShipper tip: Inquire our professional team whether you have any questions about your packaging.

Procurement services in France

The services of procurement are an action-made backup at the same time as your acquisition activities. No more issues to track down the right provider delivering the right items at the best price possible:

  • Provider Search: We discover providers possible in accordance with your activity.
  • Value agreement: We discuss and arrange the best prices for you, thanks to our years of export/import experience.
  • Examining: Do you want to check your item prior to dispatching creation? We can organize an example to be shipped off to you.
  • Conformity: Items in Asia are not always in accordance with the governmental guidelines of your market, this point is essential!
  • Quality check: We examine your shipment as indicated by 2 principle standards: the amount to be controlled and the profundity of it.
  • Global coordination: Lastly, we deal with all the coordination needed up to your distribution center.

DocShipper Alert: Pay attention, to the smallest default or missing element, and your freight can be immobilized in customs! Don’t hesitate to contact our DocShipper specialists to assist you with setting up your product for consistency before export or import.

Customs clearance services in France

It is essentially a mandatory step in global coordination. At the point when your products show up at the boundary of a country, they will fundamentally need to acquire the endorsement of the customs jurisdictions to enter the market. This implies setting up the whole documentation bundle to ensure the obedience of the items.

Information DocShipper: Inform DocShipper of the transportation for your merchandise in Marseille.

Logistics services in Marseille

Situated in Provence-Alpes-Côte-D'Azur, Marseille is the second-biggest city in France. With 868,277 habitants in 2018, Marseille has a surface area of 240.62 km2.

All things considered, Marseille has the Marseille Provence International Airport and the Grand Port Maritime de Marseille Fos. These two methods for shipping merchandise are exceptionally proficient for anybody wishing to export and import goods from Marseille.

Operational capacity throughout France

Logistics services in Paris

With its 2,175,601 inhabitants, situated in Île-de-France, Paris is the core of France.

Logistics in Paris is isolated by the Seine River and has 2 primary air terminals, the Orly air terminal, and the Charles de Gaulle air terminal. Airship cargo transport is ideal for Paris since global products are more available via air. Merchandise dropping by sea will initially pause at Le Havre because it is the nearest global business port to Paris, then, will go ahead to the Seine to finally show up at the Autonomous Port of Paris.

logistique à Paris


Info DocShipper: DocShipper goes with you all through your project, drops you in Paris, and gives you the choice to pick the method of transport of your merchandise.

Logistics services in Toulouse

Can also be called The Pink City, Toulouse is one of the main urban towns in France. With its 118.30 km2, Toulouse is home to 486,828 inhabitants. Situated in the core of Occitania, this city has the Toulouse-Blagnac Airport, where all merchandise showing up via air is conveyed. There is likewise the Toulouse Maritime Terminal, situated in Grisolles, around half an hour far from Toulouse, for every importation and exportation of merchandise.

Logistics services in Lyon

Situated in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes locale, with its 47.87 km2 and its 518,635 habitants in 2018, Lyon is the third-biggest city in France.

With its business port, the Port of Lyon is isolated into 2 cargo terminals, T1 and T2. The 2 terminals have a capacity of 450,000 TEU/year. The international airport Lyon Saint-Exupéry is situated there, and it is the second French air terminal cargo stage after Paris.                    Lyon import France


Transport terminals in France

International ports in France

Major Seaport of Dunkerque

At its beginnings, in the eleventh century, the Major Seaport of Dunkerque has been used for fishing activities. After 1350 the business and commercial activities started because of the relations with Holland and England. Its geostrategic advantage, situated close to Lille, is at the focal point of the triangle of 3 significant capitals, Paris, Brussels and London.liaisons de Lille

The Port of Dunkirk is the third port in France regarding traffic with around 53 million tons of products dealt with in 2019 and is positioned 88th in the world.

As far as containerized traffic, Dunkirk’s port represents 450,000 tons of TEUs in 2019.

The Major Seaport of HavreLe Havre

Established by King Francis I in 1517, in Normandy the Major Seaport of Havre was immediately a stronghold at the passage to the Seine, an exchanging port and a fishing port. The establishment of the city of Le Havre was expected solely after the development of this port, which likewise turned into the main French port for worldwide exchange and holder traffic. It is specifically in Le Havre that all the transshipment of merchandise to Paris through the Seine is completed. Its geostrategic position permits the Port of Le Havre to separate itself by significant associations with in excess of 650 ports on the planet.

The Port Maritime of Le Havre has the second spot in France in the positioning of the biggest French ports regarding the traffic in total, with roughly 64 million tons of merchandise cared of in 2012. In 2017, it was the 56th spot in the world position with 68 million tons of products cared for.

Regarding the containerized traffic, 2.8 million TEUs in 2017, which makes it the main French port. This 10,600 has terminal is ISO 9001 and ISO 28000 ensured and furthermore holds the PERS (Port Environment Review Systel) ecological name.

The Grand Port Maritime de Marseille Fos

port maritime Marseille

Made in 1966 by the State, the Autonomous Port is generally a significant oil port.  Its name comes from the way that it is monetarily crucial, it was the monetary focal point of Marseille. Since the financial crisis in 2008, the economy of the Autonomous Port has experienced hardships. The Grand Port Maritime de Marseille Fos, along these lines, has been modified.  The directors have broadened their exercises to bring to the table the port another possibility, even with the decrease in the oil market. Specifically, through transportation of products in containers and bulk transportation, it has turned into a key part of global exchange. The Grand Port Maritime de Marseille Fos has the first spot in France in the positioning of the biggest French ports with 81 million tons of merchandise dealt in 2016 and the 43rd spot on the planet positioning around the same year.

All things considered, there are 25 boat calls each day in the 10,400 ha terminal, which consist of two bowls, the East bowl (devoted to the progression of products and boat taking care) and the West bowl (committed to getting the biggest ships and taking care of traffic intercontinental).

Info DocShipper: Being the main load air terminal in France and Europe, DocShipper provides you with its air freight benefits for this terminal.

International airports in France

Paris - Orly Airport

avantage fret aerien avion

At first, the air terminal was called Port-Aviation and was introduced in Vitry-Châtillon. Introduced on the 23 of May 1909, the site was utilized as a state of air gathering and was the first coordinated aerodrome on the planet. Toward the start of the First World War, the site of the Paris-Orly air terminal was then involved by fields effectively spotted and available. This site was utilized as a runway for allied airplanes and aircraft.

Nowadays, Orly air terminal is 10 km from Paris and took the name of the area of which it used an enormous part, for example, a space of 1,528 ha.

Orly air terminal positions second in the rank of air terminals in France by cargo transport with 88,609 tons of merchandise cared for in 2017. In 2017, the air terminal is positioned tenth on the world ranking.

Paris - Charles de Gaulle Airport

Aeroport Paris CDG

In 1974 at 25 km from Paris opened the airport Charles de Gaulle. The air terminal acquired its name from the renowned President Charles de Gaulle who was, the President of the French Republic.

Charles de Gaulle Airport is ranked eleventh on the world positioning of air terminals with the most cargo traffic, with 2.2 million tons of products cared for in 2019, and is first in the French ranking.

The air terminal covers 3,200 ha, including 6 terminals held for payload airplanes from 119 nations, with around 108 departures and arrivals each hour.

Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport

In April 1975, the Lyon International Airport opened and was earlier known as Lyon-Satolas Airport. The choice to fabricate the air terminal was taken after the immersion of Lyon-Bron air terminal, which is situated in a metropolitan region and has runways too short to even consider obliging long stretch flights.

At the point when the Lyon Saint-Exupéry air terminal was assembled, the Lyon Chamber of Commerce and Industry intended to offer an air terminal that would coordinate with Lyon's turn of events and worldwide aspirations.

Having a surface of 2,000 ha, for cargo transport, Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport position itself third in the French ranking for air terminal cargo centers with in excess of 600 tons of cargo and in excess of 10 flights each day.

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