The relocation market in Thailand, and through all Southeast Asia is really dynamic. With their 8 years of experience, SIAM Relocation is one of the main mover of the country nowadays. The customs system in Thailand is very singular. The customs clearance of personal effects is stricter and more irregular than for commercial goods. Thanks to their affiliation with SIAM Shipping, a local logistic company, SIAM Relocation is benefiting of a great experience with the Thai customs, for an effective clearance of your personal belongings. For all international or local move, do not hesitate to ask for their services.  


SIAM Relocation’s core values

SIAM Relocation always nourished 3 values, shared by all their collaborators

Reactivity: All service demand will be answered within 24 hours. Each client is in contact with a dedicated consultant who will oversee their relocation from A to Z.

Competitiveness: Their 3 different moving packages will enable you to find the most appropriate one, without regarding your budget.

Security: Their packing and moving teams are well-selected, in order to move your goods fast and most importantly with greatest care. Their customs experts are maintaining a fluid entry or exit of your belongings. Each good is systematically insured.


How is a moving with SIAM Relocation unfolding?

The survey of your residence

One of their consultant will come to your actual dwelling to evaluate all the belongings you’re wishing to transfer. He takes them into account by writing a detailed inventory. This survey will take place on the most convenient date and time for you. It can last an hour and half if you have a lot of goods to move. It is free of charge.


The packing of your goods

The date of your leaving, a packing team will come at your house to pack all your goods. Their packing staff is highly skilled and trained, they can pack any type of goods, no matter of their shape, weight, volume and fragility. They show a constant focus and dexterity. Their material is extremely qualitative, so the covering of your goods will ensure a great protection. Once the packing is done, the same team will load the truck with your goods.

The packing of your goods is extremely important. Indeed, it is their first and only protection against all constraint coming from outside. Hence, in case of damage inflicted on your personal effects, the insurance will not reimburse you if they find out the packing was made by you, and not professionals.


The loading of your belongings in the truck

It is the most sensitive phase of your relocation. Indeed, if the goods are not correctly handled, they can undergo a fall or all other brutal contact. The SIAM Relocation teams are trained and proficient to avoid all misfortune. Your goods will be handled with the highest care.


The freight of your goods

Once the customs clearance is processed, you will receive an email or a call if you prefer from your consultant. Your goods will be put in the plane or containerized and put on board of a vessel. Then they will travel by land, sea or air to reach their new country of residence.


The customs clearance in Thailand and in the second country

Like previously said, the customs clearance in Thailand is very special, compared to all other country. There is a huge difference existing between the law and its application. Thanks to their skilled customs department, composed entirely by Thai collaborators, there isn’t any misunderstanding possible and your goods will be quickly cleared.


The secondary transport to your new house

Once the clearance is done, your goods will be moved by vehicle to your new dwelling. Your consultant will again keep you in touch.


The unloading and disposal of your goods

Once arrived in your new residence, the SIAM Relocation team will take over the unloading of the truck, and the moving of your personal belongings in your new dwelling. They will unpack them after and place them in your house as you wish. Your new residence will be ready to live in.


The warehousing of your furniture

In Thailand or abroad, SIAM Relocation can provide you competitive furniture storage services, with the highest security. Without regarding of the total volume of your goods, they can be stored during all the necessary time. Their state-of-the-art warehouses in Thailand are watched 24/7 with CCTVs and security staff.


The insurance of your goods during their moving

Even if everything is highly controlled, a misfortune can always occur and cause a few damages on your goods during their relocation. SIAM Relocation will offer you their “SIAM Care” insurance policy, in order to be fully reimbursed for the damage caused on your goods.


A few advices from the SIAM Relocation experts

How long in advance to organize a move?

It is generally advised to search for the relocation company at least 3 months before the departure date. Of course, SIAM Relocation can handle your request without regarding of the remaining time before you leave. But a relocation well planned in time is a guarantee of no misunderstanding, competitive rates, and peace of mind. As you imagine, it’s not an easy task to plan the packing team, the vehicles, the container, the freight, the customs file…


What is included in the quotation?

Each company is quoting your relocation their way. This is what you will find on SIAM Relocation’s ones:

  • Staff and material
  • Inventory
  • Pickup and first truck
  • Containerization (if any)
  • Document fees
  • Technical handling charges
  • Main freight
  • Warehousing (if any)
  • Delivery at new residence
  • Unloading and unpacking

You must keep in mind that the price of the ocean or road freight is based on the total volume in CBMs of your personal effects. For air freight, this is different because the price will be based on the gross weight or on the volumetric weight of your goods. The most important value will serve as a base to quote your freight.


For all these reasons, you should not hesitate to contact SIAM Relocation for your relocation in Thailand. You will benefit of their great experience, their important network inside the Thai customs and their international network of movers and forwarders. All of this is guaranteeing the best performance at the best price between Thailand and Vietnam.


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