Are you thinking about emigrating in China? A personal or professional opportunity is leading you to move to China? DocShipper China can offer you complete relocation services from or to China. Thanks to their great experience in international logistics, they can provide you a complete scale of expatriation and relocation services. The particularity of the Chinese customs is making the clearance very difficult for personal effects. A skilled customs commissioner, like DocShipper, is highly advised.


The corporate culture of DocShipper is nourished and cherished every day

Careful collaborators

Each information or service request will receive a precise and detailed answer within 24 hours, every day. By mail or telephone, your dedicated consultant will inform you of the progress of your relocation.

Competitive services

Their relocation services are the most competitive from and to China. You will be satisfied no matter what your budget is.

A quality always increased

Their operation teams are well-chosen and trained, so your belongings will be treated with great care. Their skills are a guarantee of a great packing process, to provide excellent protection on your goods. Continual improvement processes are applied in each department of their enterprise. Thereby, innovation enables them to always deliver greater services.


Step-by-step moving process

The examination of your personal effects

If you’re living in China, one of their consultants will lead a survey at your residence. All the goods you want to transfer will be considered, and all details will be compiled in an inventory. Fully adaptable, this survey will take place at the time and date of your choice. It will last around an hour and a half, if you have numerous goods to display. It is of course free of charge.

The packing of your goods

An operation team will come to your house the day you will leave. They will pack the goods listed in the inventory, before moving them. As said previously, their proficient teams are able to pack all your goods, without regarding if they are fragile, heavy, tiny… Their skills and materials will cover your goods greatly in all points. After, your personal effects will be loaded in the truck.

Packing, the most important relocation step

First, because packing is the first protection of your goods against all constraints form outside. It is their only protection. If any misfortune is occurring, the insurance will always ask you a proof that the packing was realized by professionals and not by you. They may refuse to refund you if it wasn’t made professionally.


The loading of your belongings in the truck

After the most important phase, comes the most sensitive. The moving of your goods from your residence to the truck is including a few risky points. Your personal belongings can be damaged by a fall, or similar incidents if they aren’t handled with care. Conscious of this risk, the DocShipper teams are always handling your goods with attention and dexterity.


The main freight, via ocean or air

Once they arrived at the port or airport of departure, your goods will be put in the main transfer method, that will leave or go to China. Onboard the plane, the vessel, or the train, they will travel to their new destination. From China to Europe, you can count around 35 days by ship, and 15 hours by plane.


The customs clearance of your goods

The customs clearance in China is very complex in terms of personal belongings. A restricted number of technologic and home appliances will be allowed to enter the Chinese territory. Several documents will be required, like an import permit. You should ask them to the Chinese embassy of your country. Thanks to DocShipper, you will benefit from their expertise and be led in each step of the customs clearance.


The routing of your goods to your new house

Once the customs clearance is over, you will receive immediately an email or call if you prefer, to keep you aware. A vehicle and a second operation team will take your goods in charge and drive them to your new dwelling.


Setting your goods in your new residence

This time, the process is the exact opposite of the packing and loading. Your goods will be cautiously unloaded from the truck and moved inside of your new residence by the DocShipper teams. They will unpack and set them how you want it. Then, your new house will be perfect to welcome you.


The storage of your furniture

DocShipper can also provide warehousing services, in China or in the second country implied in your relocation. Your goods will be stored during all the necessary time, so you can prepare yourself to receive them in your new house. Without regarding the total volume of your personal effects, DocShipper can store them in great conditions. Their facilities are watched 24/7 by security staff and CCTVs.

Why you should ensure your goods during their freight

The goods’ insurance during a relocation isn’t mandatory, but strongly advised. Because a misfortune can always occur, despite everything being under control, the DocShippre Care insurance policy will always be proposed to you by their consultants. In case of any damage, you will be refunded for all loss.

DocShipper’s tips for a successful moving

What is the necessary time to prepare for a relocation to China?

Naturally, it’s always better to do it as early as possible, especially to China. Ideally, you will have to start searching for a relocation team at least three months before the date of moving. DocShipper is able to take your relocation in charge, without regarding the time that lasts before your move. But for a greater peace of mind, a very attractive price, and to avoid all misunderstanding, you must organize yourself enough in advance. Indeed, your consultant must plan and book all the operations, the vehicle, the container, the warehouse… Which is requiring time to coordinate everything properly.

How my relocation will be quoted?

Quotes are written differently in each company. DocShipper’s quotes will precise costs of:

  • The operation team and the material used to pack your goods
  • The transfer and loading of your goods in the vehicle
  • The containerization of your personal effects
  • The assembly of the necessary file for the clearance of your goods, for an import or an export
  • The handlings in the port and airport of departure and arrival
  • The warehousing of your goods, if necessary
  • The delivery of your goods in your new dwelling
  • The transfer of your goods from the truck to your dwelling and their unpacking

You should know that the total volume of your goods in CBMs is used as a base to calculate the price of the ocean freight. Differently, the volumetric or gross weight of your personal effects serves as a base to calculate the price of the air freight. The price will be determined based on the highest value calculated.

All these arguments are making DocShipper China the ideal partner to relocate your goods from/to China. Their strong ties with the Chinese customs and their great international network will be put in work for you. Their excellent services, at reasonable rates explains why they are our main partners for relocation between Vietnam and China.