What is the best method to ship your goods from Vietnam to Spain ?


How is this first part useful ? We compare for you these 2 options to determinate which one is the best for you.  Through these important details and some advices you will know what method you must consider.


Sea freight from Vietnam to Spain

Overview - Ocean cargo from Vietnam to Spain

Maritime activity in Spain is traditionally important, accounting for almost 20% of GDP in the transport sector as a whole, the majority of Spanish trade (86% of imports and 68% of exports) and some 150 000 people directly or indirectly involved. The originality of the Spanish maritime sector lies, since 1992, in its port organization around a central autonomous public entity "Puertos del Estado", the parent holding company of the 46 ports of general interest, which are themselves grouped into 26 port authorities.
Spanish ports handled 495 million tonnes last year, 3.4% less than for the whole of 2018. Algeciras, the country's leading port, exceeds 90 million tonnes for the first time and is now ahead of Marseilles at the head of the Mediterranean ports.


Shipping company offering services from Vietnam to Spanish ports 

Here are main ports :

Port of Algeciras

Algeciras, Spain's leading port by volume, achieves the best progression of the country's major ports: with 90.9 million tonnes, it is 2.3% better and thus exceeds the 90 million tonne mark for the first time and is now ahead of Marseilles at the head of the Mediterranean ports for the first time. Three other ports are positioned above 30 million tonnes: Valencia with 65 million tonnes (- 1.7%), Barcelona with 42.4 million tonnes (- 0.1%) and Bilbao with 30.1 million tonnes (+ 1.9%). Algeciras, the leading port for liquid bulk traffic with 24 million tonnes (+ 5.7%), will have a record number of containers handled in 2019 of 4,337,816 TEUs, i.e. + 5.5%.


Port of Barcelona

Port of Barcelona multiplies historic traffic records in 2020. The port of Barcelona will reach two historic records for its traffic in 2018, including total tonnage (67.7 million tonnes) and the number of passengers (4.4 million), up by 10 and 8.6% respectively. The Port will record net revenues of €173.5 million (€108.2 million of Ebitda) in 2020. A financial balance sheet up by 4% in comparison with the previous exercise which is accompanied by a profit of €53.7 million (+4%). These good results will enable the company to reduce its debt by 30%, thanks in particular to the early repayment of two loans totalling €66.3 million taken out with the European Investment Bank (EIB). The debt now represents 14% (against 46% ten years ago) of the port's equity capital at €196.7 million. The port has cash flow of €102.5 million (+4%). The Catalan enclosure plans to devote €109 million to public investments. This envelope will be spread over the continuation of nine main projects mainly consisting in consolidating the activity of the port and the logistics chains that use this tool.

Port of Valencia

The port of Valencia is the second largest cargo port in Spain in terms of tonnage, with a traffic of 65 million tonnes, and the first in terms of number of containers with 4.32 million TEUs in 2011.

  • 65.47 Mt (2011)
  • 1Area
  • 600 hectares
  • Places : 60th largest port in the world and 2nd in Spain


Should I ship by consolidation or full container from Vietnam to Spain?


LCL - Less Than Container Load (or consolidation) It is an alternative solution to the FCL. Thus, the LCL will make it possible to group together several goods from several customers.


The FCL is for a full container (20 or 40 feet). From Vietnam, the price at the CBM is more advantageous.

However, it is necessary to have a large enough quantity of merchandise (volume) to be profitable.

How long does it take to ship from Vietnam to Spain by sea freight ?

Algericas Barcelona Valencia Bilbao Madrid Zaragoza
Da Nang 27 days 28 days 26  days 27 days 26 days 26 days
Saigon 27 days 27 days 28 days 27 days 27 days 26 days
Ba Ngoi 28 days 27 days 27 days 27 days 28 days 26 days
Cam Pha Port 27 days 26 days 27 days 26 days  28 days  26 days

Please kindly note : transit time refers only to the freight (Obviously, including the pick up and the delivery of course will increase it).


How much does it cost to ship a container from Vietnam to Spain ?

Importers/exporters between Vietnam and Spain come to the same conclusion: sea freight is the cheapest option. Generally speaking this is the case, as soon as your goods have a volume clearly exceeding the threshold of 1 CBM / 100 kgs.

So, the sea freight is by far the most cost-effective solution to ship from Vietnam to Spain.

Special sea freight services 

Reefer container from Vietnam to Spain

The refrigerated container (REEFER) is a reference in the field of the cold chain. These refrigerated containers equipped with machinery at the rear provide a refrigerated storage space. Whether for the storage or transport of food goods, the purchase of a refrigerated container allows you to keep your products cool.

Docshipper will advise you, if necessary, and then reserve it for you as well.


Roro/Bulk/OOG from Vietnam to Spain


This mode of transport is quite economical, in fact, it requires less handling than a container, so the bill will automatically be less salty!
Loading and unloading is also faster, as ro-ro ships manage to transit to their destinations with several days less than container ships, which is a significant advantage for the recipient of the vehicle(s)!

The vehicle is placed in the ship's hold, strapped and secured and the keys to the vehicle are in the possession of the captain (to put it simply), there is no risk of your property being stolen on board the ship at any time, and your property is protected from the sea.


The transport of solid bulk (cement, granules, cereals, coffee, etc.) can be carried out by conventional dry-type containers or by specialised tank containers. In all cases, dimensions and corners remain ISO standardised for spreader pre-emption. However, there are design differences as dry containers as such cannot be used for solid bulk. Bulk containers have additional technical features specific to bulk transport.

A difference is made between Solid and Liquid Bulks.


OOG (Out of Gauge) cargoes concern special goods. Some of your goods, because of its dimensions or weight won't be able to be loaded in normal containers. These types of cargoes are usually loaded onto a platform or trailer for transportation.

Air freight from Vietnam to Spain

Overview – Classic vs Express air freight 

If you use conventional air freight, estimate the transit time at 7 or 8 days.  On the contrary, accelerated air freight will promise you an automated customs clearance process and thus a record delivery time (about 3 days).


What is the difference between volumetric and gross weight?

*We determine the density of your shipment by two methods in order to invoice logically.

We explain these methods below. Gross weight and volumetric weight are different and must be taken into account. The most important one will be used for the quotation.

Should I choose a Classic Air freight from Vietnam to Spain ?

Which airlines company should I ship with ?

  • Iberia Airlines de España. is Spain's national airline. It operates domestic and international flights from its hubs at Madrid-Barajas International Airport and Barcelona-El Prat International Airport. It is a member of Oneworld1. Iberia is one of the oldest European airlines, with Aeroflot (1923) and KLM (1923) among others.
  • Vietnam Airlines is the national airline of Vietnam. It operates domestic and international flights from its two main hubs at Tan International Airport Sơn Nhất in Ho Chi Minh City and Nội Bài International Airport in Hanoi.


Transit time Door to Door from Vietnam to Spain by air freight ?

If you chose an all-included process (door to door : we take care of everything), you must count around 7 days.


How much does it cost to ship a parcel from Vietnam to Spain?

As said before, in the guideline of our business model, we promise you a specialized service. Thus, we need the following information: addresses, size/weight (sometimes pictures are needed), desired services ...


Should I choose an Express Air freight from Vietnam to Spain?

Express service – Perfect solution for small package

Is the volume of your goods below 100kgs ? If the answer is yes, we will advice you Express service (if your budget matches). Obviously, if the volume is too high this will not be cost effective for you. Therefore, we will study your request and then book for you what is necessary.


How long does it take for a package to be shipped from Vietnam to Spain ? 

As a general rule, allow 4 days (estimate). Automated customs clearance will greatly facilitate the operation and its duration. The relationships we have with these companies are strong and allow us to offer you the best service (quality / price).


How much does an Express service cost from Vietnam to Spain ?

express-courier logo

*In order to quote your express shipment, a different method than gross and volumetric weight is applied. For express freight, please note that 1 CBM = 200 kgs.  

Our relationships make us having a strong bargaining power, in terms of prices but not only. According to your demands we will try to find the best compromise.

Major airports to ship in Spain

Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport

The Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport is the most important airport in Spain and serves the city of Madrid. In 2019, it is ranked 25th in the world and 5th in Europe. It is located 13 km north-east of the centre of Madrid (on the cities of Madrid, Paracuellos de Jarama, San Sebastián de los Reyes and Alcobendas) and has four terminals. The airport is managed by Aeropuertos Españoles y Navegación Aérea (AENA). Its name is that of Barajas, one of Madrid's 21 districts. The majority of the airport's rights-of-way occupy approximately the north-eastern half of this district, in the Aeroporto and Timón districts (barrios). The airport is served by metro stations and a railway line.

Its traffic has been a victim of the economic crisis that hit Spain hard from 2008 onwards. Passenger numbers fell by almost 22% between 2008 and 2013, from 50.8 million to 39.7 million.


Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat airport 

Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport is an international airport located approximately 12 km southwest of Barcelona, Spain. It is managed by Aeropuertos Españoles y Navegación Aérea (Aena). The airport is located in the municipality of El Prat de Llobregat, which is part of the Baix Llobregat county, itself part of the province of Barcelona.

With 50,172,457 passengers in 2018, it is the second busiest airport in Spain after Madrid and the 27th busiest in the world. It is the main base and connecting hub for the airline Vueling and a major base for Iberia, Ryanair and Air Europa.

Palma de Mallorca airport 

Palma de Mallorca Airport is the airport serving the island of Mallorca in the Balearic Islands. It is also known as Son Sant Joan Airport. Located on the eastern outskirts of the city of Palma, capital of the Balearic Islands, it is Spain's third largest airport in terms of traffic with more than 26 million passengers in 2016.

Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport 

Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport is the airport serving the Spanish city of Málaga, Andalusia. It is owned by the State, which manages it through the public body Aena. It is the oldest airport in Spain: of the three Spanish airports that took part in the first air route (Toulouse-Casablanca), established in 1919 by the planes of the Latecoere Line, it is the only one that still exists today.


Door-to-door transfer from Vietnam to Spain

Door-to-door method overview

The world of shipping is often complicated to understand. We have taken this into account. That's why Docshipper offers you, its customers, an all-inclusive service that allows you to worry about nothing: Door to Door. Let us pick up your goods at your address in Vietnam (with packing if necessary) then we will take care of everything until the delivery to your home in Spain (packing and unloading if necessary).

The door to door allows you to have the best peace of mind, this is highly appreciated by our customers. Kindly note that we are responsible of each phase of the operation.

Customs clearance in Spain for goods imported from Vietnam 

How much will I pay ? 

Being aware of the amount of customs clearance and freight will avoid unpleasant surprises. Spain, like EU members, uses the HS code with an ID (6 digits). The Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System. This numbers defines the nature of your good.

Please look at this Pineapple example of the HS Code composition

hs code of a pineapple

Calculate applicable tariff with the HS code

Once you found the HS Code your next move is about checking the taxes.

Please follow below steps :

Get on the Trade Agreement Portal (Spain being part of the EU, you can check taxes on the Union portal)

Click here (Free Trade Agreement Portal European Union), you should reach this page :

Screen of HS code EU vietnam

As our example on the screenshot, fill 2 requested informations :

  • Your HS Code
  • Origin of goods


Check the duties and taxes applied on your product


Screen code HS EU Vietnam


Different taxes existing for your goods 


As you can imagine, when you export to Spain outside the EU (Vietnam), you have no choice but to pay taxes (VAT) and customs duties.

In Spain, as far as importing products is concerned, there is 21% VAT. However, for some products there is a reduced VAT, called reduced VAT: 10%.

Insurance costs but also the value of your goods will influence the amount of VAT you will owe.


The excise tax in Spain

Each EU Member State applies its own excise duties on alcoholic beverages, manufactured tobacco and energy products (fuels and combustibles, such as oil and gasoline and coal). The revenue from these rights accrues in full to the Member States.
The Spanish taxes for are set as follows :
- 16% on alcohol
- from 12.5% to 22.5% on tobacco, the rate varying according to their type.

Similarly, their transport must be made under cover of an accompanying administrative document (AAD), or a simplified accompanying document. (DSA). These documents are available in all local recipes.

Special cases of the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla
Any consignment of Community goods to one of these territories shall be treated as an export and is subject to a customs declaration (SAD single administrative document) in the member country of dispatch. In the territory of destination, the operation is also treated as an import and subject to local taxation.

The Canarian Indirect General Tax (IGIC) substitutes VAT in the territory and has four tax rates: a general tax rate of 5%, a general tax rate of 5%, a general reduced rate of 2% (fuels, energy, textiles), an increased rate of 13% on luxury goods and 0% on water, medicines and educational goods.
In order to compensate for their insularity and to protect their local products, the Canary Islands also apply the AIEM (Arbitrio sobre Importaciones y Entregas de Mercancías en las Islas Canarias), which is the equivalent of a dock dues.


How to get a taxes exemption ? 

There is a way to benefit from partial or total exemption in "GSP" countries (Vietnam is part). For the rest, it will depend on the nature of what you import and the country of importation. Ask us to be sure.



The Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) The objective of the GSP is to assist developing countries in their fight against poverty by generating income through international trade. The EU thus offers tariff reductions or duty-free access to the EU market for exports from many developing countries and territories. The EU grants these preferences without requiring any quid pro quo from the beneficiary countries. Then, you can guess that a lot of Vietnamese products are included.

When Goods are "too competitive" (e.g Textile) can’t get benefit from the GSP.

Providing a Certificate of Origin of your goods to the Spanish Customs will act like a proof and then will make you benefit from the GSP.

Customs clearance process in Spain

Customs process 

You have to deposit at the customs office:

  • the commercial or pro-forma invoice
  • a summary declaration (air or sea manifest) for taking over the goods
  • a common law declaration (SAD, single administrative document), as well as the accompanying documents to enable customs clearance.

The SAD form can be obtained from chambers of commerce or an approved printer. A computerized customs clearance platform (SOFI) is available at customs offices or at certain chambers of commerce.

Within the framework of the SAFE standards advocated by the World Customs Organisation (WCO), the European Union has introduced a new import control system, the Import Control System (ICS), which aims to secure the flow of goods upon entry into the EU customs territory. This control system, which is part of the EU's eCUSTOMS programme, has been in force since 1 January 2011. Since this date, it has been mandatory for traders to submit an Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) to the customs office of the country of entry prior to the entry of goods into the customs territory of the European Union.


Customs contact


What are the Licenses required (import & export)?

Import license 

Agricultural Products
Importing agricultural products : Most part need import licence to be imported. It will be used by the Spanish authorities. This is a way for them to manage the tariff quotas.
In order to obtain the corresponding licence, a financial guaranty must be provided to the authorities in question.

Steel products
Note that these imports are monitored and controlled by Spain autorities ; a surveillance document must be provided when the weight of the imports exceeds 2500 kg.


Necessary documents 

The Bill of Lading can be considered as a passport and a boarding card for your shipment. This is the document of title that is issued by the sea carrier to the shipper in recognition of the goods that his ship will carry. It is an endorsable document of title, which allows, while the goods are in transit, on the one hand, the seller to transfer ownership to buyers and, on the other hand, allows the latter to virtually hand them over to a banker as a pledge to secure repayment of the credit granted to them for their acquisition.

See the following details you'll find on a Bill of Lading:

example of a Bill of Lading

  • 1 = Shipper
  • 2 = Consignee
  • 3 = Notify party
  • 4 = Vessel No.
  • 5 = Port of loading / discharge
  • 6 = Place of receipt / delivery
  • 7 = Container No.
  • 8 = Goods description
  • 9 = Net weight
  • 10 = Dimensions / volume


The original invoice

The Spain Customs need to make sure the goods received are the same in the declaration.


The packing list

It lists all the goods you are transporting (often with dimensions). Remember to attach the safety data sheet if necessary.


Certificate of Origin

This is the main point to be able to be treated under the GSP regime. Indeed, it acts like a proof that your goods were made in Vietnam. The certificate of origin is very important for all international import. The certificate should be signed by the manufacturer and delivered by a government agency of Vietnam.

Please take a look at the following example (for China here):

Chinese Certificate of Origin

There might be some difficulties for you to handle it entirely. If this is a case, just send us an email or call us !


Prohibited & restricted items 

Take into account the list of the main prohibited items:

  • Anabolic substances (steroids)
  • Drug and narcotics
  • Biological agents
  • Weapons


Trade agreement 

MEPs ratified the EU-Vietnam free trade agreement by a large majority. Signed in Hanoi last June. They also gave the go-ahead for a second agreement on investment between the two blocs. However, this latter text will have to be ratified by some 40 European national parliaments before it can be implemented. The trade agreement could start as early as this summer.

Both agreements "are the most ambitious ever concluded with a developing country", said EU Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan in a debate on Tuesday. With €47.6 billion worth of trade in goods, Vietnam is the EU's second largest trading partner in South East Asia. In 2018, Vietnam has a trade surplus of almost €30 billion with the EU.

Almost all trade flows between the two blocs will see tariffs reduced to zero in the near future. For some goods, such as cars, complete elimination will take ten years.

The agreement also includes rules on working conditions, respect for the environment, intellectual property and human rights in this growing South East Asian country.


Trade relationship 

Vietnam still holds in high esteem its multifaceted friendship and cooperation relations with Spain, said Pham Binh Minh, before calling on both countries to increase the exchange of high-ranking delegations and boost bilateral cooperation in various fields, including the economy, trade and investment. Spain is currently one of Vietnam's main trading partners within the EU. Bilateral trade has continued to grow rapidly, reaching $3.1 billion in 2017.

The Vietnamese leader welcomed the willingness of Spanish companies to explore investment and business opportunities in Vietnam. He proposed to the Spanish government and to Ambassador Maria Jesus Figa Lopez-Palop in particular to put forward measures to promote Spanish investments in Vietnam, especially in clean technologies, renewable energies and the environment. For their part, the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other relevant bodies are committed to creating the best possible conditions for the Spanish Ambassador to carry out her diplomatic missions in Vietnam, confirmed Vice-PM Pham Binh Minh. For her part, Ambassador Maria Jesus Figa Lopez-Palop stressed that Spain attaches importance to strengthening its close ties with Vietnam and wishes to enhance existing cooperation mechanisms in order to deepen the bilateral strategic partnership.

In her view, Spanish companies are increasingly interested in the Vietnamese market, while at the same time focusing on the development of renewable energies and infrastructure.


Additional services 

Our warehousing services 

Our warehouses have been strategically located near the largest Vietnamese ports HCMC (Saigon), Haiphong and Quy Nhon.

Passing through our warehouses benefit from a qualitative service (reception, storage as long as you want / need, expedition) reinforced by a maximum security (camera and staff).

Storage service in Spain

We have some local network, therefore we take care of the storage of your goods. We have been working with these companies for a long time, it ensures a safety and a negociated price for you.


Our packing/unpacking services 


For Docshipper, and any self-respecting freight forwarder, packaging is an essential part of the process. Professional packaging, as we promise you, is adequate packaging, adapted to your goods and their dimensions, which will ensure maximum protection. We have been managing the packaging of all types of goods for years.


Packing material 

Carton box

We choose quality cardboard boxes for your shipment. They will be very thick and coupled with our know-how in order to obtain a perfect packaging.


Pallets are widely used in packaging, load transport and storage. There are different kinds (size, materials).

In our warehouses we can make any one (the one that suits you).

Wooden boxes 

Here, bulky objects are concerned. A distinction is made between crates and wooden boxes. If your belongings require it to be put in a certain direction, opt for the crate. Otherwise, the box is a very good alternative. After studying the dimensions / weight of your goods, we will calculate the dimensions of the crate / wooden box and then manufacture it for you.


Others: bubble wrap, tape, wrapping paper… 

This is the best way to protect your goods by softening their contact with the cartons / crate / boxes. It is very useful for you and Docshipper as it guarantees optimal protection for your goods.


Why packing is important for the insurance ? 

Our know-how and experience make us experts in this field.

If something happened to your property (I doubt it) the insurance would look for the smallest detail that would call into question the process in order to make you pay.

By opting for a Docshipper packing, you are opting for a professional packing and therefore you will know that you have done things right.


Freight insurance 

How much does a freight insurance cost ?

The amount of your insurance policy will be based on the value of your goods.

Please note the following calcul : (freight value + product value) * 2-3%. You can use this as an estimation only.

This rate is variable depending on the nature/category of your goods.


Supplier management in Vietnam 

Control quality in Vietnam 

We act at Docshipper in your best interest. However, we are not your supplier and therefore there may be a problem on this side.

How can we solve it ?
Our teams are fluent in Vietnamese, English, French and Thai. We will contact them and check the packing, the condition of your goods and other details such as the HS code. If something is wrong, we will fix the problem. There is no way we can get your cargo to leave under these conditions.


3PL Services in Vietnam 

Order fulfillment/Packing & labelling in Vietnam 

The supply chain and related services are not to be taken lightly. Let us take care of customers, packaging, shipping, inventory and anything else that can save you time.


Last mile delivery 

Thanks to our networks and the professional relationship we entertain with them, we ensure you a delivery whenever you want in Vietnam and Spain as well.


Shipping personal effects from Vietnam 

Excess baggage 

In case you come back with extras and not everything can fit in your luggage, be aware that the airlines can clearly refuse you.

The solution?
Trust Docshipper and its express air freight service, so you can receive your goods within 4 days.

Moving service from Vietnam to Spain

Do you have any concern about packing, storage, wrapping or customs clearance? Interested in our Moving services : Take a few minutes to become an expert on this field and know everything.


Free regulation advisor

We have been handling all kind of shipment from Vietnam to Spain. You can ask us any question (administrative matter for example) and get a answer very fast and efficient.

What are you waiting for? Please contact us.


DocShipper | Your dedicated freight forwarder in Vietnam !


Due to our attractive pricing, many customers trust our services and we thanks them. Stop overpaying the services and save money with our tailored package matching will all type of shipment, from small volume to full container, let us find the best and cost-effective solution.

Communication is important, which is why we strive to discuss in the most suitable way for you!