1) Treatment difference between a small and a voluminous shipment

All parcels weighing under 2 kgs are considered small. Their height and width must also be smaller than 90 cm and 60 cm respectively. For international freights, express prices are generally very competitive. You only have to go to a post office to send it worldwide. From Vietnam, it requires 7 days at least, and 12 days at the most to ship your goods internationally using regular air freight.

All parcels weighing between 2 and 30 kgs are considered big. Like small parcels, it can be shipped from Vietnam to any international destination by going to a post office. Transfer durations are similar to the one inherent to small parcels.

But a week may be too much time for you to send or receive your parcel. That’s where the express freight is stepping in. Express freight can deliver any shipment worldwide in less than 4 days. It is the fastest transfer method existing.


1.1) Regular air freight and courier freight comparison

Here is a table comparing express and regular freight. Their respective benefit and drawbacks are displayed, in order to help you choose the most adapted solution to your situation.

Regular Air Freight Express Freight
A very flexible freight solution 4 days on average to transfer your goods
Well-shaped for voluminous parcels Well-shaped for small parcels
Faster than international rail or sea freight The customs clearance process is very quick
Less expensive per CBM for bigger volumes than smaller ones  
You’re only charged for the space you’re using  
Takes more time than an express freight The most expensive freight solution
A lot more expensive than rail and sea freight Costs are very high for big volumes
Some goods’ categories can be refused by the airline, like products with lithium batteries  


2) Let’s compare rates from different express carriers

Here, we will focus on the cost of shipping. The cheapest solution will be pointed out as the best option. We will directly compare rates from Vietnam on the websites of the 3 biggest courier companies. This will bring you a better comprehension of the calculation method.

We’re only evaluating rates of DHL, UPS and FedEx. You should know that other international courier enterprises are present in Vietnam, like EMS, TNT and Kerry Logistics. We’re also in touch with them, but they aren’t providing an online freight quoting tool. That’s why we’re not considering them in this article.

At the moment of the quotation: 1€ =1.14 $ and 1 € = 26,527 VND


2.1) Comparing rates from Vietnam to Europe

Price simulation with DHL

DHL quote to germany

Price simulation with FedEx

Fedex quote to Germany

Price simulation with UPS

UPS quote to germany

116 $ 121 $ 102 $

For all demands to Europe, UPS seems to be the greatest option, based on price.


2.2) Comparing rates from Vietnam to India

Price simulation with DHL

DHL quote to India

Price simulation with FedEx

Fedex quote to India

Price simulation with UPS

UPS quote to India

102 $ 95 $ 61 $

For all demands to India, UPS seems to be a lot more competitive than FedEx and DHL.

2.3) Comparing rates from Vietnam to North America

Price simulation with DHL

DHL quote to USA

Price simulation with FedEx

Fedex quote to USA

Price simulation with UPS

UPS quote to USA

106 $ 171 $ 88 $

From Vietnam to North America, UPS seems to be very more attractive.


2.4) Comparing rates from Vietnam to Japan

Price simulation with DHL

DHL quote to Japan

Price simulation with FedEx

Fedex quote to JapanPrice simulation with UPS

UPS quote to Japan

86 $ 94 $ 54 $

UPS is also more profitable from Vietnam to Japan.

2.5) Comparing rates from Vietnam to the Middle East

Price simulation with DHL

DHL quote to UAE

Price simulation with FedEx

Fedex quote to UAE

Price simulation with UPS

UPS quote to UAE

151 $ 139 $ 76 $

UPS is also more profitable from Vietnam to the United Arab Emirates.

2.6) Comparing rates from Vietnam to West Africa

Price simulation with DHL

DHL quote to NigeriaPrice simulation with FedEx

Fedex quote to Nigeria

Price simulation with UPS

UPS quote to Nigeria

185 $ 168 $ 102 $

From Vietnam to Nigeria UPS is also more profitable.


2.7) Comparing rates from Vietnam to Australia

Price simulation with DHL

DHL quote to Australia

Price simulation with UPS

UPS quote to Australia

102$ 54 $

UPS is also more profitable from Vietnam to Australia.


2.8) Comparing rates from Vietnam to Brazil

Price simulation with DHL

DHL quote to BrazilPrice simulation with UPS

UPS quote to Brazil

185 $ 96 $

UPS is a lot more attractive than DHL from Vietnam to Brazil.


3) How to obtain an express freight quote?

  • You fulfil our quote form with all the details of your transfer
  • We send you our quote within 15 hours
  • We exchange via email or telephone to find quickly an agreement
  • Once agreed, we’re contacting your supplier and we verify that everything is alright (packing, documents…)
  • We’re picking up your goods at your supplier’s location, or he deliver them to our warehouse
  • We’re delivering your shipment to the courier (UPS /DHL / FedEx / EMS / Kerry Logistics…)
  • The package is directly arriving to the precise address

We will track your shipment and inform you of each evolution.


4) Why choose FNM Vietnam?

4.1) Attractive rates for every destination

What’s the interest to send it via FNM Vietnam instead of sending it by myself?

Because every express carrier is giving preferential rates to enterprises that are sending great quantities of shipment every month. And it is our case. You can benefit of our attractive rates by giving us your parcel, instead of being charged with the standard shipping rates by doing it all on yourself. Furthermore, you can benefit of our All-in door-to-door services, because we will handle all procedures with the carrier. You will only have to read our tracking emails, while waiting for your parcel to be delivered.


4.2) Tailored solutions for e-commerce

FNM Vietnam is an e-commerce logistic specialist. E-commerce fulfilment being very complex and time-consuming, it is difficult for an entrepreneur to handle all its client orders. It is the case both for the inventory management and for dropshipping. Do not hesitate to ask for our expertise. We can handle your orders from Vietnam to worldwide and store your items in our state-of-the art warehouses. This will make you save a lot of time and allow you to focus on the best part of your business.


4.3) A great communication to let you know how it is going

As we said, asking for our services will provide you peace of mind. All our express services are door-to-door, so you will only have to receive the parcel at your location. We will keep you aware of every progress of your shipment during its transfer, so we will be totally transparent on the course of the shipping.


5) A few advises to organize your express freight from Vietnam

5.1) Pack your goods carefully, or let the professionals doing it

A great packing is the best way to protect your shipment. Indeed, it will be the last coat of the packing that will be handled during the transfer process:

  • If the box or the original carton is damaged or fragile, don’t hesitate to use another bigger box to place it all inside
  • Bubble wrap and journal paper are two great coating materials, to cushion all the eventual knocks that your shipment may endure
  • Using thick scotch tape to seal the box and reinforce the packing
  • At the end, your item must be unable to move inside its packing
  • Be sure that the address is clearly written
  • Secure all the shipping labels and join the customs documents to it

Some items are needing a specific packing, required by the carrier to send the goods. We will transmit you the instructions in that situation.

Our packing teams can handle the packing of your goods if you wish. Our material and skills are guaranteeing a maximal quality for your shipment.

5.2) Weigh and measure your goods very precisely

To avoid any mistakes during the shipping, be sure that the weight and the dimensions of your parcel are precisely measured. In this aim, you have to weigh and measure your goods once the packing is finished.

Also, carriers are using the volumetric weight to calculate your shipping cost. This weight is different than the gross weight of your items.

The following picture is describing the difference between gross weight and volumetric weight:

how to calculate volumetric weightHow to calculate the gross weight of airfreight shipments

5.3) Verify that your shipment can be sent

We will be obliged to refuse certain articles because they aren’t accepted by express carriers. Here is the list of restricted items by DHL, it will give you a look of what can’t be sent.

In case of doubts, do not hesitate to contact our consultants. They will answer you within 20 hours.

5.4) Do not forget to ensure your shipment

Even if it isn’t mandatory, an insurance covering your shipment is well advised against all misfortune that can occur during your freight. Even though courier enterprises are very pernickety on security, if your shipment have an important value, we advise you to subscribe to an insurance policy.

Our consultants will suggest it automatically and will advise you the most adapted coverage. You will have the best information to take a decision.


5.5) Don’t forget to put your address on the parcel

It is mandatory nowadays. The sender’s address must be automatically written on the parcel, to ensure an optimal traceability of your shipment and also to return it to yourself if it cannot be delivered.


5.6) Don’t do it on the last minute

In general, avoid sending your goods on the last time. This will enable you to dodge all delivery delay. This is particularly right during the periods of intense transports, like in the month of December, or during the sales.

If the delivery time proposed by the carrier isn’t fast enough, we can provide you our NFO or OBC shipments, that are the fastest possible.

For all express freight from Vietnam, FNM Vietnam is the forwarder you need. Ask for a quote, in order to see our competitivity. We will handle all your paperwork, like the customs clearance… Our door-to-door services will allow you to have the greatest piece of mind during the freight. Contact our specialists, to the bests information asap.


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