Regulations and customs in Vietnam

Customs classification

The classification of imported and exported goods is based on:

  • The Vietnamese classification list of imported and exported goods; the nomenclature of preferential import tariffs; the export tariff tariff nomenclature;
  • Six (6) general HS Convention rules;
  • The mandatory explanatory notes to the HS Convention;
  • Make references to the additional explanatory notes to the harmonized tariff nomenclature and detailed explanatory notes to the harmonized system of description and coding of goods (HS).

Import procedures

Commercial entities, including companies with foreign capital holding legally a registered operating license, may be engaged in direct import and export activities. However, foreign-invested enterprises can import materials, equipment and machinery only to establish production chains and produce goods in accordance with their investment licenses. Under the WTO commitments made by Vietnam, marketing rights are now open to all foreign-invested enterprises. Vietnam is facilitating an automatic import licensing system that requires importers of a large category of goods to obtain a license from the Ministry of Industry and Labor to pass their goods through customs. The distribution rights of these entities are open to joint ventures with no capital limit and, since 2009, to companies with entirely foreign capital.

Seven departments and agencies are responsible for overseeing a system of minimum quality / performance standards for the protection of animals and plants, health security, compatibility of local networks (in the case of telecommunications) and monetary security. Goods that meet the minimum standards can be imported on demand and in unlimited quantity and value.

When carrying out customs procedures for imported goods, customs declarants must submit and present a customs file to the headquarters of the customs subsection and be responsible for the legality and legitimacy of customs files and accuracy of the contents declared on the customs declaration form.


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