8 Ways to Make Sure Your Transport Shipping is Effective and Cost-Efficient

8 Ways to Make Sure Your Transport Shipping is Effective & Cost-Efficient

With the COVID-19 pandemic, 50 percent of consumers are uncomfortable purchasing in stores and have switched to online. And it has caused long-term behavioral changes as a result of this transition.

Shipping is one of the challenges that comes with increasing online sales. It's normal for a business owner to get concerned about the procedure of shipment and delivery. Although you pick and pack your product yourself, you're still dependent on a shipping company to deliver an item on schedule and in good shape.

It's important to be able to deliver fast and effective shipping to attract and retain clients. This, however, can cause strain on your overall budget. So, the million-dollar question is how can you meet your consumers' expectations while remaining under budget? This blog entails eight shipping recommendations to teach you how to save money on shipping for your company.

Eight Ways for Effective & Cost-Efficient Shipping 

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You have some broad alternatives if you're just learning about transport shipping methods and fulfillment: variable prices, flat rates, and free delivery. However, there is a lot of wiggle room within those alternatives; charges vary substantially between major transporters based on certain parameters.

While shipping can be a great point of uniqueness for your company, it's critical to ensure that the right shipping strategy can be implemented. Let's figure out how to make your transport shipping cost-effective and efficient

First, ensure that inventory information is correct and complete

There are many warehouse management systems available that are both lightweight and reliable. Purchase one. Whatever method you choose, make sure your data is precise and full. 

Real item data is essential to match each buyer's individual order with the best shipping carriers and services, which is critical if you want to get the best price while still fulfilling delivery deadlines.

Make use of low-cost packaging and supplies

Small businesses frequently receive free boxes and envelopes from shipping firms as well as discounts on packaging goods. To save even more money, shippers can buy bulk packaging supplies including bubble wrap, boxes, dunnage, air-fill, and poly mailers.

Your packing should be optimized

Don't assume your fulfillment process is correct simply because your company has always done it that way! Examine automation components, picking accuracy and speed, carton and package

selection, packing efficiency, ship-from sites, order arrangement, backorder practices, mis-picks, and damage, as well as every other aspect of the workflow.

The weight of your packaging is an important aspect in your shipping expenses, and it's one that you can influence to some extent. Consider how much packaging you'll need to make sure your things arrive securely and undamaged.

You may require heavier packaging, such as cardboard, to preserve fragile things, but for items like apparel, you can use lightweight packaging, such as a poly mailer, to save money on shipping. Merchants can also take advantage of carrier-provided complimentary packaging.

Know Who Your Carriers Are

What are the finest small business shipping carriers? First and foremost, it's critical to recognize that not all carriers are made equal. Check out their websites to identify the one that's suitable for you, or to decide on your multi-channel delivery plan, as previously said.


When setting up a PO box, small businesses can take advantage of the USPS's free Priority Mail Starter Kit. There are programs for fulfilling orders in-house for low-volume shippers, such as Click-N-Ship, which allows you to buy postage and print shipping labels online. If you can't make frequent visits to the post office, home pickup is another great option. For most shipping services, the USPS also provides a certificate of mailing.


FedEx Small Business is tailored to small businesses and includes a rewards program as well as the Packaging Help Hub, a resource that may help you in the calculation of package DIM. Are you transporting goods that are perishable? FedEx also provides temperature control shipment.


UPS' Small Business Program enables you to plan pickups and manage customer returns by providing a number of options. The airline also invites you to join their small business solutions team in virtual brainstorming sessions

They can help you with mapping out and fine-tuning your supply chain, identifying potential for increased agility, productivity, and growth, and discussing numerous technologies and services that can help your company to progress in no time.

Ecommerce behemoths like Amazon work so many carriers that they frequently negotiate massive volume discounts that smaller shippers would never be able to achieve on their own.

FNM advice : Companies are not realising how common are the damages occurred during the freight. On the factory floor, at the airport or port of departure/arrival, shipments aren’t spared. It is important to insure your goods. If you need more informations about freight insurance in Vietnam, please contact us.

Boosting your average order value (AOV)

Promotions and discounts related to shipping are a great way to entice customers to buy more, and they can help you boost your average order value. For example, you can offer free delivery with a minimum purchase on certain items or for a limited time.

  • Adopting scalability-enabling tools

Consider employing the correct software tools to automate many of the tiresome operations connected with product delivery to further augment how you tackle fulfillment and delivery for your online business.

To enhance productivity, a multi-channel shipping software allows you to print stamps and send all of your orders from a single interface. To fully automate multi-channel shipping and inventory management, a software also offers a tight interaction with fulfillment by Amazon and other 3PL systems

  • Mix and match shipping choices

If you're having trouble picking which shipping technique to employ, combine them to find the best fit for your company.

One frequent strategy is to provide free delivery for sales that exceed a certain threshold: for example, you could charge a flat rate for orders under $60 and provide free shipping for orders over $60. If your typical order size is $40.00, this strategy may be a good fit; it encourages customers to add more items to their carts while also ensuring that you don't lose money on shipping.

As part of a bigger marketing campaign, you can also provide free shipping for a limited period. If you regularly charge for delivery, this is a great method to increase sales during a specific holiday or season.

On the other hand, if you have a wide range of order sizes, product weights, and prices, you can provide free shipping for USPS Ground only and calculate real-time rating for faster shipping options.

Getting to know your fulfillment options

You must first understand your fulfillment alternatives in order to develop the best shipping strategy for your ecommerce firm. Your fulfillment option will have an effect on how your products are transported to clients. Here are the primary fulfillment alternatives for your products to consider:

  • Self-Fulfillment

You acquire your products, store them (at home or at work), and manually complete and prepare orders for distribution. This method entails the greatest planning and overhead, but it also gives you the most control.

  • 3PL

You buy the products in advance, deliver them to a fulfillment warehouse, and the warehouse keeps track of inventories and fills orders as they come in. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a type of third-party logistics provider, and its close ties to the Amazon marketplace provide additional benefits for that channel.

  • Drop shipping 

You don't have to buy things ahead of time. You don't pay for things until a consumer places a new order through your online store. When a consumer places a new purchase, you transmit it to your drop shipping vendor, who fills it by sending the product directly to the customer. This is the simplest option for the merchant, but it is usually the most expensive. In addition, it provides the least level of control.

FNM Advise : Before making any changes to your processes, you need to know your strengths and weaknesses. By assessing your current systems, costs and opportunities for scaling, you have a base from which to develop a strategy for growth.

 Best Practices for Transport Shipping

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  • Gather the right team: Every division in your company has a role to play in making shipping for your online store a success.
  • Maintain clear objectives: Do you want to increase your profit margins? Why not elaborate your horizons? Define your objectives and keep track of your progress against them.
  • Choose a delivery strategy: There are four primary options, and free shipping isn't always the ideal option.
  • Take the risk: Try it out and see the outcomes. That is the only way for your improvement.
  • Invest in third-party insurance: Shipping insurance can eat into your profit margins, especially if your goods are valuable. Most people only get insurance from the shipping business, but getting it from a third party could save you a lot of money. It's frequently less expensive than the one provided by your shipping business.

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Effective & cost-efficient transport shipping

FNM Tips : Shipping costs can be cut in a number of ways, from using smaller boxes to opting for less expensive shipping. Bundles are also available from many carriers, which you can take advantage of. If you find any problem searching for a shipping company, our experts are here to help you. It is just a matte of filling out a form, please do not hesitate to contact us here with all your requirements. 

Factors That Affect Transport Shipping Pricing

Global transportation system abstract concept vector illustration.

Each of the items listed below has a substantial impact on your overall shipping costs. This is why a well-thought-out and planned strategy is required.

Size as well as weight

Depending on the carrier, a heavier item that is smaller in size may or may not cost more to send than a lighter box that is larger. If all of your products are the same weight and size, your ideal shipping approach will differ from if you sell a variety of weights and sizes.

Human resources 

Time and staff are also required for product shipping. You must either deliver things to your carrier or arrange for them to be picked up. Labels must be created. Each item must be placed in the box, secured, and sealed. Someone has to keep track of everything and make it all happen.

Materials for packaging

Others are temperature sensitive, fragile, or perishable, and require extra padding to ship securely. Transportation costs rise as a result of special packaging, materials, and shipping techniques.

Hence, the key to a successful shipping strategy is to strike a balance between your company's and consumers' needs. Consider the shipping prices for each of your products, then figure out the most cost-effective way to send without disappointing customers. Also, as you learn more about your audience, don't be scared to change strategies!

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