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How to find Manufacturers & Suppliers for my Business?

Entrepreneurs may be experiencing an exciting time; excitement can give you energy and inspire you to treat your product concept seriously.

However, when they have to search or "source" their products, many business owners often lose motivation. Making your own products or finding wholesale suppliers is often a difficult undertaking.

The essentials of sourcing from suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers for your upcoming project will be covered in this article. We'll discuss a few resources you may use, how to approach vendors, and the questions you should ask them.

Let’s go.

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Commercial invoice in international trade

Commercial invoice in international trade

The commercial invoice is perhaps the most important commercial document in the batch of documents for an import / export transaction. We can never repeat it enough, the documents and the administrative part is one of the most important point in international logistics, it is therefore important to comply with the conditions imposed by the customs of the country of destination.

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FI 📦 How to Deal With Damaged Cargo

How to deal with damaged cargo ?

In all the years that we have been handling shipments from/to Asia, We have seen practically everything :

  1. We received damaged merchandise because of the carrier's fault
  2. We have received damaged merchandise because of the supplier
  3. Customers called us because they received the wrong container
  4. And on one occasion they got stolen directly into the container on the way from Asia to Europe.

It is something for which you must be prepared and have everything well tied so that your money does not fade due to the incompetence of any of the parties involved in transport. In this blog post, we will tell you what has been the way to proceed whenever we have had some type of incident in the transport of the merchandise.

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Buy on Alibaba to sell on Amazon

🛒 Buy on Alibaba to sell on Amazon

Buy in China and sell on Amazon is increasingly within the reach of everyone. As we enter the nineteenth century, we can see that commercial and digital transformation in the world has enabled us to acquire goods and sell them across the globe. Companies like Amazon, Rakuten, eBay, Alibaba and Aliexpress, among others, have changed our way of doing business and how we can reach the end customer and suppliers. And hang on because it's not over yet!

At the same time, this symbiosis allows any citizen to take advantage of these advances, technological and digital developments to create business models that were previously much more expensive and much more complex from a logistical, commercial and economic point of view ( we think in particular Drop Shipping which has exploded in recent years).

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