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How to Find Wholesale Suppliers in Vietnam?

Vietnam's manufacturing industry is developing faster than ever, which means that finding the best supplier for your products is simpler, but not as in China yet, in fact, it’s still a number of difficulties.

The main obstacle to sourcing a supplier in Vietnam is the fragmented business environment. Despite having the third-fastest economic growth in the world, Vietnam is nonetheless going through some growing pains.

When looking for a supplier, it can occasionally feel like the Wild West, and getting information without being there in person can be difficult.

Despite this, you can still get assistance from a number of sources. The finest strategies to find a supplier in Vietnam are gathered in this guide.

If you are looking to import products from Vietnam, but you have some apprehension regarding the supplier, this article will help you !

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Manufacturing in Vietnam how to make a product specification sheet

Manufacturing in Vietnam: how to make a product specification sheet?

In Vietnam and Hong Kong, there are many manufacturers that can build the product that you imagined. In order to be sure that the product will be exactly as you want, you have to make a product specification sheet. This sheet permits to detail each step and everything the manufacturer needs to know. In four easy steps, you can source your product.

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